Obama in post-debate bounce

Barack Obama has been back on the campaign trail after clawing back lost ground in the US elections with what was widely thought to be a much-improved performance in his second Presidential debate with Mitt Romney.

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U.S. voters' poll gives victory to Obama

Barack Obama speaks rally at Cornell College in Mt Vernon, Iowa Credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed

U.S. voters say President Barack Obama won the second debate against Republican rival Mitt Romney by a 15 point margin, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Forty-eight per cent of registered voters gave the victory to Obama, while 33 percent gave Romney the win in Tuesday's debate.

The online poll found Obama's "favourability" rating rose five points to 55 per cent.

Romney's rating fell two points to 48 per cent.

The Republican surged ahead in polls following the first debate, but his lead was already on the wane ahead of the second, which was held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.


Chicago voters pleased with Obama 'fight back'

Voters in Obama's home city of Chicago said they are pleased with President Obama's performance in last night's presidential debate. His supporters said they were heartened by his more confident performance. Self-described swing voter Scott Smith said:

"I like to see someone fight back, it was nice to see the host fact-check and see Obama fight for his dignity"

Swing tweeters applaud Obama


Modest swing state boost for Obama

Latest polling results shows that voters in the key swing states were impressed by Obama's performance in last night's Presidential debate, but Mitt Romney still has the edge:

  • Virginia: Mitt Romney 47.5%, Barack Obama 47.3%
  • Florida: Mitt Romney 48.2%, Barack Obama 47.3%
  • Ohio: Barack Obama 48.3%, Mitt Romney 45.6%

Huffington Post Pollster have the latest state-by-state breakdown of the results.

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