Rearranged England game begins

England's rescheduled World Cup qualifier match in Poland has kicked off. It was postponed from yesterday due to a waterlogged pitch.

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Polish referees: 'There is no way game will be played'

The head of the Polish referees' committee has told ITV Sport's Gabriel Clarke that there is no way this game will be played tonight, admitting that the pitch is not in a fit state.

He also confirmed that while England's players are happy for the match to be played on Wednesday evening, the Polish squad are unhappy with a 24-hour delay.

A pitch inspection is due to at 8.45pm.

Hodgson tests pitch during England postponement

England manager Roy Hodgson has tested out the pitch in Warsaw, as both England and Poland players wait to hear whether the match will go ahead due to heavy rain. A pitch inspection is due at 8.45pm. For more coverage visit ITV Sport.

England manager Roy Hodgson (left) inspects the pitch in the pouring rain before the game. Credit: PA Wire
England manager Roy Hodgson tests the condition of the pitch in the pouring rain before the game. Credit: PA Wire


FIFA: England v Poland pitch 'currently being assessed'


The start of the Poland-England game in Warsaw has been delayed due to torrential rain. #POLvENG #worldcup


The situation is currently being assessed by the officials to determine whether the match can go ahead. We will keep you updated. #worldcup

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