Trainee teachers test revamp

Prospective teachers in England will face tougher tests in English and maths from next year before they are allowed to start training in the profession. The Government says the changes are needed to raise the status of teaching.

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NUT: Teaching entry requirements is not the 'real issue'

All teachers need strong literacy skills and also a good grasp of mathematics.

It is however surprising that Michael Gove is showing such interest in the entry requirements for teacher training courses, while at the same time advocating that schools should be free to employ unqualified teachers.

The real issue is the training and support that teachers are given once they have entered into teaching training.

The morale in the profession is at an all time low.

Unless the Education Secretary addresses issues of teachers’ pay, working conditions and pensions, there will be fewer and fewer recruits to a profession that has never been under such continual attack, regardless of the entry requirements.

– Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers

Proposed numeracy question for would-be teachers

Here is one of the questions from the proposed numeracy test.

The cost, £C, of advertising in a newspaper is worked out using the formula: C = 0.4n + 0.75 where n is the number of words in the advertisement.

a) The cost of an advertisement is £11.55. How many words are in the advertisement?

b) If I have only £9.00, how many words can I afford?

Answers: A) 27 words B) 20 words

Tougher tests for teachers: Your views

Prospective teachers in England will face tougher tests in English and maths from next year before they are allowed to start training in the profession.

ITV News asked for your thoughts on these changes on Facebook. Here are some of the responses.

That's ok if they are teaching Maths and English, but does a geography teacher really need to know Pythagoras Theorem?

– Trudy Wren

There is no need to make this tougher for teachers at all. A teacher is a professional after acquiring their degree.

– Hannah Nkele Letsholo

I have always wanted to be a teacher and I got to level 4 and stepped off as knew it would not be fair on the children even if I only wanted to teach 3-5 year olds.

I could have made it but I think it's only fair the standard should be higher. I agree with the changes.

– Lindsey Foster

Labour: 'Government continues to insult teachers'

Labour supports efforts to raise the quality but also the status of teachers, but other measures are needed.

We need more high flying applicants, and Labour has set out plans through our New Deal for Teachers to expand schemes like Teach First, improve training and on the job development and incentivise bright graduates to teach in less well off communities.

However, the Government continues to insult teachers and damage morale with its extreme policies and out of touch rhetoric.

Michael Gove called teachers “whingers” and 10,000 teachers have left the profession. That is putting school standards at risk.

– Shadow Schools Minister Kevin Brennan


98% of trainee teachers passing current tests

The current tests, in both literacy and numeracy, are taken towards the end of teacher training. 98% of people pass.

Qualified teacher helping pupils in a lesson
Qualified teacher helping pupils in a lesson Credit: Press Association

From this autumn trainees have been limited to two re-sits for each paper and the pass mark has been raised.

The pass rate will be raised again over the next three years, with candidates eventually needing to score the equivalent of a grade B at GCSE to pass.

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