Savile's £4m estate frozen

The estate of Jimmy Savile has been frozen in response to the mounting sexual abuse claims against the late television and radio star.

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Savile's cottage 'should be demolished if vandalism continues'

Last month, Northern Constabulary confirmed that "abusive slogans" were painted on the walls of the property. Credit: Twitter/@kerrmtchell

A Highland cottage owned by late TV presenter Jimmy Savile should be demolished as a last resort if it continues to be vandalised, according to a councillor.

Allt Na Reigh, in Glencoe, was targeted again by vandals at the weekend, who reportedly sprayed it with orange paint.

Highland councillor Andrew Baxter, who represents the Fort William and Ardnamurchan ward, said: "I think it (demolition) is a final option. It is certainly one that I have heard suggested by local residents.

"The general feeling amongst the community is that we would want to distance ourselves from Jimmy Savile and the fact that he lived here and perhaps perpetrated some of his vile crimes here, and move on.

"As I understand it, the cottage is still owned by the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust, but I have no idea what they are planning to do with it."


Jimmy Savile plaque to be taken down in Scarborough

The plaque lists Jimmy Savile as a Freeman of Scarborough Credit: PA

A plaque in Scarborough honouring Jimmy Savile is being taken down on Tuesday so that the TV presenter's name can be removed from it.

The wooden plaque, which lists Savile among the Freemen of the borough and hangs in the town hall lobby, will be sent away to be altered.

The decision was taken by Scarborough Borough Council as a gesture of support to Savile's 300 alleged victims.

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Savile estate freeze is 'good news' for his alleged victims

A solicitor representing alleged victims of Jimmy Savile welcomed NatWest's decision to freeze the late presenter and broadcaster's estate. Alan Collins from law firm Pannone said:

This is good news for those victims of Savile who are taking legal action, as it means that they will be able to pursue claims against the estate.

If NatWest had not put the estate on hold, it would have meant legal action against Savile's estate to prevent the assets from being distributed amongst the beneficiaries of his will.

Pannone are also actively pursuing inquiries into Savile's overseas assets, which we believe are being administered in Guernsey.


Jimmy Savile's estate frozen

The estate of Jimmy Savile has been frozen in response to mounting sexual abuse claims against the late television and radio star.

NatWest Bank, which is acting as the Jim'll Fix It presenter's will executor and trustee, said the distribution of his assets had been put on hold because of the allegations.

Savile's estate is reportedly worth £4.3 million.

Jimmy Savile had 'too much freedom' at Stoke Mandeville

Chris McFarlane, the former director of nursing at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, has admitted that Jimmy Savile was given “too much freedom” to access all areas of the hospital.

She told ITV News that she saw his behaviour change over time as he became more famous, and that there was a sense that “whatever Jimmy wanted he could get” because of his fundraising activities.

But she also said she was shocked to hear the allegations of abuse and that she was sure such behaviour would not have been tolerated knowingly at Stoke Mandeville:

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