London Living Wage up to £8.55

The Living Wage rate for workers in the capital is to increase by 25p an hour to £8.55, the Mayor of London has announced. Labour leader Ed Miliband is to unveil plans for a national equivalent of £7.20 per hour.

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Miliband's plans to introduce 'living wage' for five million Britons

Ed Miliband will address leaders of Labour local authorities today. Credit: PA

Labour leader Ed Miliband will today meet with leaders of Labour local authorities across Britain who are implementing the Living Wage and discuss the next steps of the campaign.

His speech is aimed at five million people who he says "aren't earning the living wage":

"People who got up early this morning, spent hours getting to work - who are putting in all the effort they can - but who often don't get paid enough to look after their families, to heat their homes, feed their kids, care for elderly relatives and plan for the future."

Labour campaign for £7.20 an hour 'living wage'

The Labour party's support of the living wage campaign is an effort to stamp out in-work poverty, says David Miliband MP.

Writing in the Observer with UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis, Miliband says:

Our living wage campaign involving unions, students and voluntary organisations is sometimes quietly, sometimes noisily, changing lives.

A growing number of companies and public-sector employers are leading the way in signing up to the living wage.

And the Labour party is on board, from the leadership team to the grassroots.

Poverty pay has no place in the 21st century. Modern employers understand that; we just need to bring the rest with us.

– David Miliband


Ed Miliband puts 'living wage' at heart of election campaign

Ed and David Miliband Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Plans to deliver a "living wage" of £7.20 per hour are at the heart of put Labour's bid to return to government, says Ed Miliband.

In an interview with the Independent on Sunday, Mr Miliband said: "You go out, slog your guts deserve a decent wage if the company can afford it.

"We've got a growth crisis in Britain but we've also got a living standards crisis, because the proceeds of economic growth are not being fairly distributed any more.

"This is the next step for One Nation, because One Nation is about everybody having a stake in society. It is about prosperity being fairly shared.

"It is about giving people a proper stake in the future of the country."

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