Israel fires missile into Syria

The Israeli military has said it has fired into Syria in response to violence again spilling into Israeli-held Golan. Despite warnings, another errant mortar shell from Syria landed in the Golan Heights today.

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Rebel talks will help UK 'better understand' situation

A Downing Street spokesperson said talks with Syrian rebel military leaders will help the UK "better understand the actual situation".

The spokesperson said:

The Government will make absolutely clear to these groups that they must respect human rights and humanitarian law standards.

We will also call on them to work with aid agencies to facilitate vital humanitarian access."


UK officials in talks with Syrian rebel leaders

Foreign Secretary William Hague announced the UK is opening talks with Syrian rebel military leaders in a bid to unite the opposition and end the bloodshed.

Mr Hague said in a written statement to Parliament that he has given the green light to his special envoy to the opposition, John Wilkes, to arrange meetings to initiate discussions.

Foreign Secretary William Hague pictured earlier this week Credit: Reuters/Damir Sagoli

"All contacts will take place outside Syria, and then only in environments we deem suitably secure", Mr Hague wrote. "Through continuous assessment, we will make every effort to ensure that FCO officials engage only with legitimate representatives of the opposition".

"The decision to engage with military representatives of the armed opposition in a political dialogue supports our efforts to achieve a peaceful and sustained political solution to the crisis", he added.

PM to increase humanitarian aid by £14 million

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks with members of the Jordanian Armed Forces Credit: ITV News

Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to increase humanitarian aid by £14 million as he visited a UNHCR camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Reuters reported.

David Cameron meets a UN Refugee Agency official in Jordan Credit: ITV News

Mr Cameron was accompanied by Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh as he met UNHCR officials at the camp, based in an area where approximately 500 refugees cross the border from Syria every day.

The Prime Minister with Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh visiting a school Credit: ITV News

UNHCR representative Andrew Harper said the conditions at the camp are improving.

Mr Harper said, "Five hundred plus came last night and we know that the refugees in Jordan are actually talking to their friends and relatives in Syria and saying 'look, that the situation is improving in the camp, come over'".


Cameron: 'Assad must face international justice'

I would like to see President Assad face full international justice for the appalling crimes he has meted out on his people. Every night we see his helicopters, his aeroplanes, bombing, maiming and killing his own citizens.

That is why 500 of them flee across this border to where I am standing right now. But what we want to see is transition in Syria. We want Assad to go, we want to see a peaceful political transition and a safe country for the future.

Cameron vows to help Syrian people

I am standing with the Syrian border just behind me and every night 500 refugees are fleeing the most appalling persecution and bloodshed to come to safety and frankly what we have done so far is not working. The history of the country behind me, Syria, is being written in the blood of its own people.

We have had two failed resolutions at the United Nations, two envoys, countless ceasefires and there are 30,000 people who have died. One of the first things I want to do with the newly-elected president is talk about how we can do more for refugees here on the border, more pressure on the United Nations, more pressure on this dreadful regime behind me in Syria, more to help the opposition.

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