Dorries' second Bushtucker trial

MP Nadine Dorries has taken part in her second Bushtucker trial on the ITV reality show I'm A Celebrity, eating a camel's toe, an ostrich's anus and a lamb's testicle.

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Nadine Dorries: MPs are 'fusty' and 'old-fashioned'

Nadine Dorries has hit out at fellow Westminster politicians on her first day in the jungle of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

In a conversation with Made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylor, Dorries said:

In Westminster, politicians really have to crack out of this fusty, old-fashioned impression everybody has.

They think everybody lives in landed estates; everybody's out of touch with real people.

I think MPs have really got a responsibility given all the bad press we've had recently to get out of Westminster and communicate with people on a different level.


Nadine Dorries 'sponsored wreath to be laid in her absence'

Nadine Dorries' daughter has taken over her mum's Twitter feed, while the MP is in the jungle. Today she told followers Ms Dorries sponsored a wreath to be laid at her constituency's Remembrance Day service in her absence:

Your views on Nadine Dorries' trip to the jungle

On the ITV Facebook page we asked whether Nadine Dorries was right to enter the show 'I'm a celebrity....' While a serving MP.

Here are some of your responses:

Ian Mortimer said: "I asked my boss if I could have a month off work with pay so as to engage with people. He said yes, start your engaging off at the job centre."

Helen James said: "Another name added to the list of Z list celebs. This year's lot are all has beens!"

Paul Gray said: "It's her choice. If she's after stardom that's also her choice.The public will keep her in or kick her out. I'll just watch and see what happens."

Join the debate here.


Politicians 'need to be' on reality TV, Dorries says

When I read that more people watch the X-Factor final than voted in the general election, it is something I pondered on. The majority of people don't look to Westminster and they don't buy newspapers, as the distribution figures show us. They do however surf the net, watch popular TV and engage with reality shows. if that is where sixteen million people are, it's where politicians need to be too.

– Nadine Dorries
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