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Reaction from around the world as Barack Obama secures a second term in the White House, defeating Republican Mitt Romney.

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Labour cheers for Clegg as he leads Obama congratulations

As Nick Clegg took the place of David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions he sent his congratulations to President Obama.

His sentiments were greeted with cheers from both sides of the House, leading the Deputy Prime Minister to quip that those would be the only cheers he received from the Labour benches:

I'm sure the House will wish to join me in congratulating President Obama on election victory last night.

I suspect that's the only point I'll be cheered today by the benches opposite.

But we look forward to continuing the Government's work with him in building a more prosperous, a more free and a more stable world.

– Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister


Lebanon PM hails 'respect and civility' of US campaigns

The Prime Minister of Lebanon has hailed the 'respect and civility' shown in the US election debates between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama as he congratulated Obama on his win:

International popstars tweet congratulations for Obama

International singers have tweeted their support for Barack Obama.

Canadian Justin Bieber, Georgia-born Katie Melua and Brit Harry Styles have all been showing their support for the President:

Donald Trump: 'Our country is now in serious trouble'

Staunch Republican Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to launch an attack on the election results, calling it "a travesty" and an "injustice".


America looks to 2016 as Hillary Clinton gets Twitter endorsement

As Barack Obama celebrates his re-election, talk on social networks in America has already turned to the 2016 presidential election, with #Hillary2016 trending on Twitter in the USA.

Support for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has remained high since she battled Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2008.

Israeli Defence Minister congratulates Obama

Israel Defence Minister Ehud Barak congratulated US President Barack Obama on his election victory. The Minister also congratulated all of the Senators and Members of the House of Representatives.

I have no doubt that the Obama administration will continue its policy – whereby Israel’s security is at its very foundations – as well as its efforts to tackle the challenges facing all of us in the region; all the while continuing to strive for further progress in the peace process.

I believe that in the tradition of deep friendship and with a backdrop of shared experiences accrued with President Obama, it also will be possible to overcome any differences in stance; should they arise.

– Israeli Defence Minister, Ehud Barak

Minister Barak wished President Obama, "great success with the tasks that are yet before him."

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