British Gas hikes tariffs

Around 8.5 million households are to be hit with a 6% rise in their energy bills today as British Gas becomes the latest utility giant to hike its tariffs.

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Unison hits out at energy firm price hikes

Unison has attacked UK energy companies for raising prices, as British Gas owner Centrica imposes a 6% rise in energy bills today, ahead of an expected announcement of £1.4 billion profits.

The billion pound profits of energy companies, announced at the same time as massive price hikes for their customers, are an insult to the many families who are struggling to get by as winter takes hold. “In this time of austerity, it is only right that we ask big companies to contribute more out of their profits.

– Mike Jeram, Unison head of business and environment


8.5 million households hit by British Gas price hike

British Gas owner Centrica courted more anger over its planned price hikes today Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Around 8.5 million households will be hit with a 6% rise in their energy bills today as British Gas hikes its tariffs.

There was mounting anger over the bill blow - first announced last month - after British Gas parent company Centrica said it was set to make profits of £1.4 billion this year.

Audrey Gallacher, director of energy at Consumer Focus, called for rules forcing energy firms to tell customers about the link between bill rises and profits.

She said: "Consumers will be sceptical over supplier profits, given questions over how justified recent price rises have been."

"It is essential that all energy firms are required to provide information that is fully clear and comparable, including profit and trading information from across the whole of their business, if customer distrust is to be tackled."

Energy firm reduces electricity charges by 2 percent

An energy firm has announced that it will reduce its electricity charges by 2% from December 21.

Co-operative Energy, which supplies 60,000 households, said the move reflected lower wholesale electricity costs.

It said the move would make its electricity prices for this winter lower than last year.

Business development manager Nigel Mason said: "Unlike our competitors, we are not driven by a need to make profits for external stakeholders."

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