Young drivers to face curbs

Young drivers may be prevented from carrying any passengers other than family members under proposals being considered by the Government, reports the Daily Telegraph.

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Constituencies with the highest rate of road accidents

  • Thirsk and Malton (North Yorkshire) 287
  • Richmond, Yorkshire (North Yorkshire) 267
  • Jointly with Skipton and Ripon (North Yorkshire) and Daventry (Northamptonshire) 217
  • Birmingham Ladywood 203
  • Eddisbury (Cheshire) 197
  • Jointly with Arundel and South Downs (West Sussex), and Banff and Buchan (Aberdeenshire) 192
  • Sherwood (Nottinghamshire) 180
  • Ribble Valley (Lancashire) 177


Young drivers on road: Statistics

  • As many 5,419 people were killed or seriously injured in accidents involving at least one young car driver last year.
  • In 2011, 2,776 young people were killed or seriously injured on UK roads . Rural areas top the list of places that accidents are most likely to happen.
  • The single biggest cause of accidental death of young people aged 15-24 is road accident.
  • 40% of 17 year old males have an accident in their first six months of driving.
  • One in eight drivers is under 25, but they account for a third of people who die on UK roads.
  • 18-year-old driver is three times more likely to be involved in a crash than a 48 year-old driver.

Ministers rule out young driver road safety scheme

Improving the safety and ability of young drivers is a key priority for the Government which is why we have made the driving test more realistic and are also considering how to improve training for drivers after they pass their test.

There are no plans to introduce graduated licensing in England and Wales.

However, we are working with young people, the insurance industry and other key partners to identify what more can be done to ensure that newly qualified drivers are properly prepared and drive safely.

We will consider carefully any ideas that reduce the risks of accidents involving young drivers.

– A Department for Transport spokesman

76% want restrictions on young drivers

The ABI survey, to coincide with the start of Road Safety Week, was conducted by YouGov, with 3,742 people polled.

The survey found:

  • 76% agreed that there should be restrictions on young drivers after passing their driving test.
  • 71% supported restricting the number of young passengers that newly qualified young drivers were allowed to carry.
  • 57% agreed with a minimum 12-month learning period before taking the driving test to enable young drivers to gain more supervised practice.
  • 60% supported changes to the driving test and the way in which it was conducted.
  • 58% supported a restriction on night-time driving (11pm-4am) for newly qualified young drivers.

Charity critical of ban for young drivers

They are penalising the majority for the minority.

I think the government should actually be putting it (road safety) into schools and giving the schools more time to educate young people about this.

A lot of my young people wouldn't want to take a parent out with them for the night ... and some haven't got any parents.

– Time and Place founder Jimmy Martin


Young drivers 'should face restrictions'

More than three in four people believe there should be restrictions on young drivers after they pass their test.

Young drivers could face restrictions when they pass their test Credit: David Jones/PA Wire

Most of those keen on some curbs reckon learners should have a minimum 12 months of lessons, a survey by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) found.

There was also strong support for late-night driving bans on newly-qualified motorists, changes to the driving test and restrictions on the number of young passengers a novice driver could carry.

Young drivers could face ban from carrying non-family passengers

Young drivers may face a ban on carrying passengers who are not members of their family as the Government seeks to cut the number of deaths on the road involving teenagers.

Young drivers face new curbs under road safety plans Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has said he would consider measures put forward by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) which could cut the number of accidents involving young motorists.

Other measures which the Government could look at include a curfew on night driving and zero tolerance on alcohol.

Call to stop young drivers giving lifts to friends

There has been a call to stop young drivers giving lifts to their friends.

The government has been considering an idea to ban young drivers from carrying passengers other than members of their own family.

The plan has been put forward by the Association of British Insurers as a way of cutting the number of young people killed in car crashes.

Drivers under 25 are involved in a third of all deaths on British roads.

Report from ITV News' Sejal Karia.

Government 'needs positive approach' over young drivers

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has called on the Government to adopt a "more positive approach that encourages new drivers to gain experience rather than denying them the opportunity to do so".

A spokesman said: "The first thing the Government must do is revise the driving test to include rural roads where most young drivers die or are injured."

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