PM defends EU budget position

David Cameron has defended the collapse of talks aimed at agreeing the EU budget, saying: "We are not going to be tough on budgets at home and sign up to big increases in European spending in Brussels."

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Cameron: EU institutions must adjust to the 'real world'

David Cameron has said that EU institutions must adjust to the "real world" by accepting the sorts of cuts that many of its member states have accepted.

He said: "We are not going to be tough on budgets at home just to come here and sign up to big increases in European spending."

Mr Cameron said he was confident a deal is still "do-able" but insisted it would not be "at any cost".


Cameron: EU budget deal was 'just not good enough'

David Cameron said today the Brussels summit had broken up without an agreement on the EU budget because the deal on the table was "just not good enough".

He said he had rejected an attempt to commit taxpayers to real-terms increases in EU spending and had protected the British rebate.

He stressed that Britain was not acting as a "lone actor" and that other countries shared its stance.

'Constructive' EU budget talks to recommence next year

The president of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy has confirmed that negotiations on the EU budget will recommence early next year.

He described the discussions as "constructive" and said he believed there was a "sufficient degree of potential convergence" to make an agreement possible.

He said the failure of the present talks to reach agreement should not be "dramatised" and that such negotiations "generally take two goes".


EU Council President: Leaders must be 'sensible and realistic'

European President Herman Van Rompuy, who is chairing the 27-nation meeting in Brussels. Credit: APTN

The President of the European Council called on leaders meetings in Brussels today to be "sensible and realistic." Herman Van Rompuy, tasked with chairing the 27-nation meeting to agree the next EU budget said:

"Doing more with less money involves political choices. This is painful even when cuts are evenly spread. So we must be sensible and realistic."

"But we must not forget this budget is a budget for the rest of the decade. So it must be future-oriented. My proposal focuses on jobs and growth in all regions, and in different economic sectors."

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