Hall 'passionate' about the BBC

New BBC Director-General Tony Hall has acknowledged there have been 'a tough few weeks' for the corporation at his first press conference following his appointment.

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Royal Opera House: 'Nobody better' to stabilise BBC

I can think of nobody better able to bring stability back to the BBC. They see, as we do, his qualities of leadership and his depth of relevant experience. Tony has been a truly distinguished chief executive of the Royal Opera House. He has been a tremendous and inspiring force for good. The ROH he will leave in March is very different to the one he took over in 2001.

– Simon Robey, Royal Opera House board of trustees

Dimbleby welcomes director general appointment

Broadcaster David Dimbleby was delighted to hear that Tony Hall had been appointed director general of the BBC. He said:

I think it's a very good choice and a great relief for those of us who work for the BBC.

He knows the BBC and he's worked outside but, above all, he understands BBC journalism.

He's a good public face for the BBC and I feel like I'm serving in the Royal Navy when the message came in: 'Winston is back'.

I think most people will be thrilled at this choice and will also get the leadership that is needed from somebody who is a creative man and a good administrator - and a calm man in a time of crisis.

New BBC boss 'ticks all the boxes'

As soon as it became clear exactly what kind of meltdown had occurred around George Entwhistle and in particular the second Newsnight programme they were going to have to look for someone who had a real grasp on journalism who could manage something this big - and the BBC is big - and Tony Hall ticks all those boxes.

– STEVE HEWLETT, Media commentator

Tony Hall 'wasn't available' during initial recruitment process

Chairman of the BBC Trust Lord Patten said Tony Hall "wasn't available" during the initial recruitment process. He said: "Just over four months ago the Trust completed a thorough recruitment process. Tony Hall wasn't available then but I am delighted he has agreed to come on board now.

"Of course, we might have considered going through the whole lengthy recruitment process again with a new round of advertisements and another global hunt for candidates.

"But I believe the approach we have taken is ultimately in the interests of the BBC and, most importantly, licence fee-payers as we have got the best candidate and he will help the organisation quickly get back on an even keel."

Tony Hall with his Classic FM Innovation Award for his work at the Royal Opera House Credit: Press Association


Nearly quarter of BBC Director-Generals 'have held post in last ten weeks'

BBC Radio Five Live presenter Richard Bacon has been looking at the statistics behind the appointment of the BBC's Director-Generals.

Culture Sec congratulates Tony Hall on BBC appointment

The Shadow Culture Secretary Harriet Harman said she also looked forward to working with Tony Hall.

Culture Sec: New BBC boss has strong record

I congratulate Tony Hall on his appointment as Director General, he has a very strong track record in successfully leading iconic organisations. I am pleased the BBC Trust have appointed a new Director General. It is important now that Tony Hall gets to grips quickly - to provide the stability and certainty that the BBC needs, and restore public confidence.

– Maria Miller MP, Culture Secretary

Tony Hall to take up Director-General post in March

Tony Hall, the former director of news at the BBC will take up his post next March. He is currently the Chief Executive of the Royal Opera House where he is credited with "Building the organization into a global centre of excellence for opera and ballet, and a beacon of creativity..."

The Queen with Tony Hall at the Royal Ballet Gala in 2006 Credit: Press Association
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