Tory MP calls for UKIP pact

Senior Tory MP Michael Fabricant is set to call on David Cameron to make an election pact with the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and offer its leader Nigel Farage a job in Government.

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UKIP treasurer: 8 Tory MPs in preliminary defection talks

UKIP treasurer Stuart Wheeler donated £5 million to the Conservatives during the 2001 election campaign Credit: PA

Eight Conservative MPs have held preliminary talks about defecting to UKIP, the party's treasurer has claimed.

Stuart Wheeler has told The Daily Telegraph: “I have had lunch secretly if you like, in a completely confidential way, with eight different Tory MPs.”

Mr Wheeler, who was expelled from the Conservatives in 2009 after donating £100,000 to UKIP, has said he has passed their details onto the party's leader Nigel Farage.


61% of Tory supporters want Britain to leave the EU

A new poll suggests that 61% of Conservative supporters want Britain to leave the European Union provided it could maintain its close trading links.

The survey, carried by ComRes for The Independent, appears to show that 54% of voters feel the same way.

It comes on the day the Tory vice chairman Michael Fabricant suggested his party make an election pact with the UK Independence Party, which wants to quit the EU.

MP's UKIP pact suggestions go down badly with No 10

by - Political Correspondent

It looks as if the former whip Michael Fabricant's call for a pact with UKIP hasn't gone down at all well with the Prime Minister.

Asked exactly what his job as Tory Party vice-chairman entailed, a Downing Street source said he "organised by-elections."

Moments later he clarified that saying Mr Fabricant's role was to "help out" at by-elections. A return to a job in Government seems unlikely.


UKIP: Cameron is stumbling block to election pact

by - Political Correspondent

UKIP's deputy-leader Paul Nuttall told me they wouldn't countenance any sort of electoral pact with the Tories while David Cameron is at the helm.

He said:

It would be very difficult for us to go for it, if the leader and Prime Minister describes us as 'closet racists' and has given cast iron guarantees on Europe in the past which he has gone back on.

He also denied that highlighting the case of the Rotherham foster parents whose children were taken away because they were members of UKIP was a political stunt.

"They came to us at the end of their tether," he said.

Farage: UKIP will not 'pack up its tents and go home'

Nigel Farage has insisted that the UK Independence Party would not be "bought off" by the offer of a position in government.

Speaking on Sky News, he rejected a call by Tory MP Michael Fabricant for the Conservatives and UKIP to form an election pact.

The UKIP leader said:

There is a problem, Michael Fabricant thinks we can be bought off with me being offered a post in government and then UKIP then packing up their tents and going home, well that is not going to happen.

We are a different political party with a full manifesto.

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