Chemical leak after train derails

A rail bridge has collapsed over a creek in the US state of New Jersey, causing a freight train to derail and to spill hazardous chemicals. 18 people are being treated for breathing difficulties.

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Workers use booms to contain chemical spill

The latest pictures appear to show that workers have used booms to set up a perimeter in the waters of the Mantua Creek to contain any chemical spill.

Workers appear to have set up booms in the water to contain any chemical spill Credit: REUTERS/Andrew Burton
Derailed freight train cars sit semi-submerged in the waters of Mantua Creek in Paulsboro, New Jersey Credit: REUTERS/Andrew Burton


At least four carriages partly submerged in chemical spill

This photo shows at least four tanker carriages at least partly submerged in the creek in New Jersey.

A number of other carriages - not all of the kind that is used for transporting liquids or gases - appear to have been derailed when the bridge collapsed.

The section of the train that was derailed when the bridge collapsed Credit: Reuters
Talker carriages partly submerged Credit: Reuters

Report: 28 in hospital as result of chemical spill

The report in the South Jersey Times said that 11 people were taken to Underwood-Memorial Hospital in Woodbury for "decontamination and treatment".

A further 17 people made their own way to the hospital complaining of respiratory problems, it said.

Report: Contents of two carriages in chemical spill unknown

The South Jersey Times cites the Gloucester County Freeholder director Robert Damminger - a local official - who confirmed that at least one of the carriages contained vinyl chloride.

It also quote county officials as saying that an environmental clean-up firm is attempting to place booms in the waterway to contain the spill.


Report: New Jersey residents evacuated after leak

Residents near the chemical leak in the US are being evacuated and schools are in lockdown, according to the South Jersey Times.

Rescue workers who were exposed to the vapors are being sent to a local hospital for treatment and decontamination if needed, the newspaper added.

Paulsboro school Superintendent Frank Scambia, told the local paper:

We locked down which means all the kids are in the gym there (at the high school). Nobody is allowed in or out.

US bridge collapse causes derailed train chemical leak

A rail bridge collapsed over a creek in southern New Jersey, causing a freight train to derail and to spill hazardous chemicals, police said.

Police said vinyl chloride, a highly toxic and flammable industrial chemical, was spilling from at least one of the derailed cars. Credit: CNN

The incident occurred in Paulsboro, New Jersey, at a crossing near the Delaware River, police said. Paulsboro is just over the river from Philadelphia.

Television images of the scene on CNN showed several carriages partly submerged in the creek. Credit: CNN
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