Royal baby due date announced

Clarence House has announced the due date for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby.

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  1. Tim Ewart

Duke would not have chosen these circumstances for baby announcement

You could see from Prince William's body language tonight that these aren't the circumstances in which he would have chosen this to become public.

He is normally pretty relaxed in public, he smiles, he waves, and we would've normally expected him to say something, which he didn't.

Prince William leaves the King Edward VII hospital in central London. Credit: Reuters

Kate, we think, is probably about two months pregnant and the announcement would not normally have been made until she was 12 weeks pregnant. So the announcement has gone the way the royal family would not have wanted it.

Meanwhile, politicians are going to have to look to hurrying up the change in the law, the rule of succession, which will mean that if the baby is a girl, she will become Queen, even if a son follows - at the moment, males have priority.

That has been approved by the Commonwealth, it will now be dealt with by politicians here and they have said they are going to push that change in the law through as quickly as possible.

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