Charges over linesman's death

A Dutch prosecutor is to charge three under-17 players with manslaughter after a linesman died following an assault. Richard Nieuwenhuizen, 41, died on Monday after being punched and kicked during a youth football tournament.

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Linesman assault is 'too crazy for words'

A member of the Netherlands Football Association has said that the incident in which a linesman died after being assaulted by youth football players is "too crazy for words."

Anton Binnenmars of the Royal Netherlands Football Association said it was "too crazy for words that somebody involved in a sporting hobby becomes a victim of this kind of aggression".

Dutch Sports Minister Edith Schippers told Dutch broadcaster NOS: "It is absolutely terrible that something like this can happen on a Dutch sports field."


Linesman was 'proud of his son'

The chairman of the football club of a linesman who died after being attacked by youth players has said that it is a "tragedy" for Dutch football.

Speaking to Dutch broadcaster NOS, Marcel Oost, chairman of Buitenboys, said:

You can't believe this could happen. That kids of 15 or 16 are playing football, you come to watch and see something like that.

He was glad to be a part of this club and proud of his son. This not just a tragedy for Almere and our club, but for Dutch football in general. This can't happen on the football field.

– Marcel Oost, chairman of Buitenboys club

Linesman dies after being assaulted by youth players

Richard Nieuwenhuizen Credit: SC Buitenboys

A linesman associated with a Dutch youth club has died after being assaulted by players in a match on Sunday.

Richard Nieuwenhuizen, 41, was rushed to hospital after being punched and kicked by players from opposing team Nieuw-Sloten.

His club Buitenboys announced on Twitter yesterday: "With great sadness we announce the death of our @Buitenboys linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen. Our thoughts are with his family.

According to reports in Holland, three Nieuw-Sloten players were arrested and taken into police custody.

The club have banned players involved in the incident, withdrawing from the league in which the game took place and temporarily suspending operations as a club.

A statement on the club's website says: "The board of Nieuw-Sloten learned with horror of the death of the linesman of Buitenboys. We are deeply shocked by the fact that the match on Sunday degenerated so badly, with this result.

"We express here our sympathy, firstly to the family of the deceased person. Words fail us. In addition, we also express our sympathy to the Buitenboys club and all its members.

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