Leveson: Editors in crunch talks

Newspaper editors will hold crunch talks today after David Cameron warned that "the clock is ticking" to avoid regulation backed by law.

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Leveson principles can be met 'more quickly' without laws

Lloyd Embley, editor-in-chief of the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and The People, has tweeted:


There is a firm belief that papers can deliver Leveson principles far more quickly without legislation - better for public and free speech


On leveson, we need the right solution and fast .. but also need bit of time needed to check it is fit for purpose


Telegraph editor: No 10 editors meeting like The Godfather

The Daily Telegraph editor Tony Gallagher has tweeted about the meeting with David Cameron over the Leveson recommendations:


19 editors & industry reps, 9 mandarins, 3 ministers and 1 PM. We got coffee and still tap water. No beer & sandwiches


It felt like the summoning of the Five Families in The Godfather - and @arusbridger was 8mins late for kick off. #Leveson

"Beer and sandwiches" is a reference to the refreshments served to union leaders at Number 10 in the 70s.


Newspaper editors lock horns before PM press meeting

by - Former UK Editor

Editors Tony Gallagher, of The Daily Telegraph, and Chris Blackhurst, of The Independent, have crossed Twitter swords before this morning's meeting with the Prime Minister.

Mr Gallagher said Mr Blackhurst had misrepresented the Telegraph's coverage on Leveson during a radio appearance.


Can I suggest c_blackhurst of the @independent read our recent #Leveson leaders before misrepresenting them on @bbcr4today?


@gallaghereditor @independent @bbcr4today You're right. I apologise - your Leveson leaders are in favour of independent self-regulation.

PCC: 2,000 editors 'will back independent press watchdog'

On Sunday, the chairman of the soon-to-be-scrapped Press Complaints Commission said about 2,000 editors will sign up to a new independent press watchdog,

Lord Hunt, who will take part in the talks between the Prime Minister and Fleet Street, dismissed claims legislation was required to persuade publishers to join a tougher regulatory system.

Press Complaints Commission chairman Lord Hunt.
Press Complaints Commission chairman Lord Hunt Credit: PA Wire

He also called for five-year rolling contracts to ensure publications could not "walk away" from a new regime.

Speaking to Sky News' Murnaghan programme on Sunday, he said:

" I have spoken to 120publishers speaking on behalf of 2,000 editors. They have all told me they will sign up".

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