Freezing fog grounds flights

Airports have been forced to cancel dozens of flights as ice and thick fog descended on the UK overnight.

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Why does fog cause such disruption at airports?

Heathrow Airport has explained why fog causes such huge delays at airports;

When there is reduced visibility, drivers have to leave more space between them and the car in front. The situation is no different with aircraft. And if there is more space between planes, not as many planes can land or take-off each hour – which can mean delays and cancellations.

The airport added that cancelling flights in advance introduces space into the schedule and aims to reduce disruption for passengers by:

  • Allowing airlines to rebook passengers onto un-allocated seats on other flights, significantly reducing the number of passengers that cannot travel that day
  • Giving passengers clear information about the status of their flight so they can rebook from home or their hotel
  • Helping to avoid flights being cancelled at short notice, significantly reducing the chances of people staying at terminals overnight


Scotland sees temperatures of -10C overnight

Temperatures plummeted to -10C in Tulloch, Scotland, while Chesham in Buckinghamshire endured temperatures as low as -8.7C overnight.

A light dusting of snow and wintry showers are expected to greet the coast today along Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Devon and Cornwall, while other areas will experience snow-like grains which have formed in the freezing fog.

Ice and fog grounds dozens of flights

Airports have been forced to cancel dozens of flights as ice and thick fog descended on the UK overnight.

  • Heathrow Airport had around 60 cancellations affecting incoming and outgoing flights throughout the day, as well as many more delays.
  • London City Airport also cancelled six early morning flights to European cities, including Edinburgh, and reported a number of delays on its arrivals board.


Flights grounded as fog descends

Adverse weather conditions have caused problems at airports as several flights were grounded after ice and freezing fog descended on the UK.

Heathrow Airport said more than 20 flights due to take off tomorrow had been cancelled. A spokesman said more cancellations and delays were expected as conditions worsened.

Some flights have been cancelled and some are being cancelled tomorrow morning because of fog.

It's better to cancel flights when there's fog because in fog you can't land as many planes per hour because you have to leave more space between the planes.

Cancelled flights included scheduled trips to Warsaw, Nice, Stockholm, Aberdeen and several German cities.

Drivers warned of freezing fog danger

Drivers are being warned to be on their guard as widespread freezing fog and icy conditions descend on the UK.

Large parts of the country are expected to experience adverse weather after one of the coldest nights of the year so far.

Julian Mayes, forecaster for MeteoGroup, said central England, as well as Wales and East Anglia, had been hit by fog, which is likely to spread through the night.

Mr Mayes said in the worst affected areas there will be less than 100 metres visibility.

Tomorrow when the fog lifts the weather is going to become a little more unsettled for the second half of this week with rain.

Probably no significant snow but it will end up wet and windy by Friday, so a big change is coming.

– Julian Mayes, forecaster for MeteoGroup
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Another night of sharp frost and freezing fog

It'll be another very cold night with temperatures a few degrees below freezing.

There'll be a widespread, sharp frost and freezing fog will affect many areas, becoming increasingly extensive.

It'll thicken up enough to bring very poor visibility making for difficult, hazardous driving conditions tonight and into tomorrow.

The fog has already reduced visibility to 100 metres in some parts of southern England, the Midlands and East Anglia - and could pose a problem beyond tomorrow morning.

The frost and freezing fog will cap temperatures all day across central Britain - barely above freezing point for some of us and feeling bitterly cold.

Heathrow warns of possible travel disruptions tomorrow

With temperatures set to tumble below freezing overnight, Heathrow airport's official Twitter account has tweeted:

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