North Koreans celebrate launch

Thousands of people have rallied in the North Korean capital Pyong Yang to celebrate a long range rocket launch by the country earlier this week. The United Nations Security Council has condemned North Korea for the launch.

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US: N Korea must see that violating UN resolutions has consequences

The US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, has tweeted her expectations that the United Nations must act on its condemnation of North Korea for its rocket launch:

US expects strong reaction from UN over North Korea

State Department briefing: US State spokesperson Victoria Nuland Credit: Reuters

The White House has said it is "highly regrettable" that North Korea chose to launch a missile, which is in violation of its international obligations.

At the State Department briefing US State Spokesperson Victoria Nuland said: "This will only serve to further isolate the North Korean regime.

"It's not going to do anything to help the poor and suffering North Korean people, it's only going to further impoverish them."

The last launch by North Korea was in April, at the time the US strongly condemned it and said there would be consequences.

Consultations began in the Security Council this morning on what those consequences would be Victoria Nuland said: "We expect there will be strong expressions there".

UN Security Council condemns North Korean rocket launch

The United Nations Security Council has condemned the North Korean rocket launch.

Earlier today the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon deplored the launch and expressed concern that it could have a negative impact on peace and security in the region.

The UN Security Council are in talks on how to respond and say action will be taken if further launches take place in North Korea


North Korean Ambassador summoned to Foreign Office

The North Korean Ambassador has been summoned to the Foreign Office after the launch of a satellite.

The Foreign Office released a statement saying ambassador Mr Hyon Hak Bong has been made aware of the UK's condemnation of North Korea's actions adding they should avoid further provocative action.

The international community was united in their assessment that this launch, using ballistic missile technology, was a breach of UN Security Council Resolution 1874 and that it threatened regional stability.

The Foreign Office also stressed that instead of expecting international aid and assistance North Korea could have spent the money used on this launch to bring food and modernisation to its people.

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