Syria 'fires Scud missiles'

Syrian forces have reportedly fired Scud missiles at rebels in the north of the country. The US state department would not confirm the type but said missiles had been deployed.

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UK bids to boost Syrian opposition support

Britain will seek to rally greater international support behind Syria's opposition today in an effort to increase the pressure on Bashar Assad's regime.

Foreign Secretary William Hague is joining representatives in Morocco of the more than 130 countries and global bodies that make up the Friends of Syria grouping.


Obama: US recognises Syrian opposition

President Obama declared Syria's main opposition group the sole "legitimate representative"of its country's people. Credit: PA Wire

Barack Obama has declared Syria's main opposition group the sole "legitimate representative" of its country's people, deeming the move "a big step" in the international diplomatic efforts to end Syrian president Bashar Assad's regime.

Mr Obama told ABC News that the newly formed Syrian Opposition Council "is now inclusive enough" to be granted the elevated status, which paves the way for greater US and international support for the organisation.

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