McAlpine sues Speaker's wife

Lord McAlpine is suing the Speaker's wife Sally Bercow for £50,000 over an allegedly libellous tweet that he claims wrongly linked him to claims of child abuse, her lawyers told ITV News.

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McAlpine solicitors: Disappointed legal proceedings made public

Solicitors for the Conservative peer Lord McAlpine has responded to the comments made by the Speaker's wife over their legal battle:

I am disappointed that the press has become aware of the proceedings between Lord McAlpine and Sally Bercow.

However, I am still hopeful that we will be able to reach a sensible agreement to settle this matter with the second set of solicitors, instructed by Mrs Bercow, without the need to proceed to a trial.

We have no further comment to make, and do not intend to deal with this issue through the media.


Sally Bercow: 'It was not libellous - just foolish'

Sally Bercow, wife of Commons Speaker John Bercow, has continued to tweet about reports she is receive a letter from Lord McAlpine's legal team.

She maintains her post was "not a libellous tweet":

Sally Bercow responds to reports about peer's legal letter

Sally Bercow, wife of Speaker of the House John Bercow, has responded to reports that she is due to receive a letter from Lord McAlpine's legal team:

Andrew Reid, Lord McAlpine's solicitor, said that legal letters would be sent to individuals who mentioned the peer's name on the internet, particularly on Twitter, in relation to false accusations of child abuse against the former Tory treasurer.

Eleven days ago Mrs Bercow tweeted:


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