Entwistle 'warned about Savile'

A review has said the decision to drop the Newsnight investigation into the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse allegations was flawed. It also revealed George Entwistle ignored warnings when he was BBC Director of Vision of "a darker side" to Savile.

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Miller: 'Serious questions around BBC management'

I am pleased that the BBC Trust have acted quickly to publish Nick Pollard's review.

The report raises serious questions around editorial and management issues at the BBC and I look to the Trust to help tackle these.

I also remind the Trust how vital it is to publish all relevant evidence, as soon as possible, in order to re-build public trust and confidence in the BBC.

It remains critical that we do not lose sight of the most important issue in this - the many victims of sexual abuse by Savile.

I urge the BBC to now focus on the review into those abuses, and ensure it is swift and transparent.

I will remain in close touch with the Trust as they oversee this work.

– Culture Secretary Maria Miller

BBC changes after Savile report

Former Newsnight Editor Peter Rippon and his deputy will be replaced over the BBC's handling of the Jimmy Savile investigation.

The controller for BBC Radio 5 Live, Adrian Van Klaveren, is also being moved to a non-news position at the corporation, acting director-general Tim Davie has confirmed.


Savile crisis exposed 'serious problems' at BBC

Nick Pollard has been speaking at a news conference following the publishing of his damning report into the BBC's handling of the Jimmy Savile investigation. Facing further questions, he told reporters:

  • There were "serious problems" all the way through the Jimmy Savile investigation and subsequent crisis.
  • He denied the crisis had shown the BBC was ungovernable.
  • A "breakdown in communication" stopped Peter Rippon's blog being corrected swiftly, which went all the way to the director general.
  • There exists no proof that Newsnight producer Meirion Jones leaked stories about the Savile story, despite staff at the BBC claiming he did. Mr Jones vehemently denies it.
  • Trust of BBC journalism remains "very high" despite the crisis and "any fall is temporary".

BBC staff awaiting Newsnight disciplinary decision

Newsnight editor Peter Rippon. Credit: REX FEATURES

Newsnight editor Peter Rippon decided to drop the programme's Jimmy Savile investigation and later wrote a blog about the decision, which contained several factual inaccuracies.

He "stepped aside" from his role while the review was completed.

BBC director of news Helen Boaden. Credit: BBC

BBC director of news Helen Boaden and her deputy, Stephen Mitchell, both were also described by the corporation as having willingly "stepped aside" until the end of the inquiry.

But they apparently challenged that description, with their lawyers notifying acting-DG Tim Davie they felt capable of carrying on in their roles during the investigation.

Boaden and Mitchell were accused of pulling back from decisions relating to child abuse or Jimmy Savile. A BBC statement said they had been temporarily removed after creating a "lack of clarity" within its editorial "chain of command".


BBC due to outline Newsnight disciplinary action

BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten and the corporation's acting director general Tim Davie will give a press conference shortly after midday to follow the publishing of the Pollard Report into Newsnight's decision to drop its Jimmy Savile investigation.

Patten and Davie are expected to outline whether disciplinary action will be taken against staff, including Newsnight editor Peter Rippon, BBC director of news Helen Boaden and her deputy, Stephen Mitchell.

Executives and journalists questioned in Newsnight report

Witnesses who gave evidence included BBC executives and Newsnight journalists, some under questioning from a QC, to establish why a planned news report on Jimmy Savile did not go ahead. Those questioned are thought to include:

  • Director of news Helen Boaden
  • Newsnight editor Peter Rippon
  • Former Director-General Mark Thompson

The review was is carried out by former Sky News executive Nick Pollard.

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