Dementia drug 'within a decade'

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has told ITV News there may be a drug that helps patients with dementia within the next decade.

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Million people will suffer dementia 'in next few years'

With one in three families affected by dementia, this is something which is becoming a crisis. Around a million people will have dementia in the next few years. One of the big challenges we have is this big quest to get a cure or a treatment to halt dementia or Alzheimer's in their tracks.

We've had some setbacks this year, and some high-profile failures. But Lilly as a company has actually had some big successes, and so what I've learned today is that it's not all gloom and doom.

– Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt


£22 million dementia funding to 'prevent UK crisis'

The government will invest a total of £22 million in 21 dementia research projects, because doing nothing would lead to a "crisis" for the whole country.

  • The funding was awarded by the National Institute of Health Research
  • It is designed to cover all areas of scientific activity relevant to dementia
  • The government says many pharmaceutical companies may avoid dementia research because of the huge complexities of studying the human brain