Cancer patients in fuel poverty

Around 27,000 cancer sufferers in the UK could be in debt to their energy provider as a result of falling behind on bills, according to a survey by Macmillan Cancer Support.

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Macmillan: Cancer patients are 'punished for their condition'

Mike Hobday, director of policy and research at Macmillan Cancer Support, has said that cancer patients are in a "dire" situation facing high energy costs combined with a lower income.

Thousands of cancer patients are falling behind with their energy bills and resorting to turning the heating off, even though its vital for their recovery that they keep warm.

Cancer patients simply cannot afford to meet rising fuel prices at a time when many suffer a loss of income - it is appalling that they are being punished for their condition.

– Mike Hobday, Macmillan Cancer Support


Survey: Cancer patients are in debt to energy companies

The cancer charity Macmillan has warned that around 27,000 cancer patients in the UK could be in debt as a result of falling behind on their energy bills.

A survey of 535 people who have been diagnosed with cancer in the last two years found that:

  • 5% of respondents are currently in debt to their heating provider
  • 54% are worried about the cost of heating their homes this winter
  • 30% have had to turn off the heating in the last three months to save money
  • 34% have put on outdoor clothes indoors to keep warm
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