Delhi gang rape trial begins

The fast-track trial of five men accused of gang rape and murder has begun today in Delhi. A sixth suspect is due to be tried in a juvenile court because he is under 18.

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Teen Delhi rape suspect to be tried as a minor

A teenager accused of taking part in the gang rape and murder of a student on a bus in Delhi will be tried as a minor, a special panel in India has ruled.

The decision means the teenager will face a maximum of three years in prison.

Unlike with the other five accused, police have not yet charged the minor because they were waiting for proof of his age.


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Trial of five Delhi gang rape suspects begins

The trial of five men accused of gang raping and murdering a young woman on a bus in India started at a fast-track court in New Delhi today.

The judge immediately ordered the media and public to leave the courtroom before the five accused were brought in wearing hoods. A sixth accused is being tried separately in a juvenile court.

A lawyer for one of the accused, Vinay Sharma, says his client was not on the bus, while the lawyer representing Mukesh Singh has argued his client cannot receive a fair trial in the capital.

There were a number of protesters outside the court calling for better law enforcement of sexual offences.

AFP: Father urges death penalty as gang-rape trial begins

The father of a student who was killed after being gang-raped on a bus in New Delhi has called for her attackers to be hanged. Five men accused of her murder are due to go on trail today.

We have finished the mourning rituals for my daughter in the village but our mourning will not end until the court passes down its verdict. My daughter's soul will only rest in peace after the court punishes the men.

It is the duty of the court and the judges to ensure that the final order to punish all the accused is handed down quickly and all the men are hanged. No man has the right to live after committing such a heinous crime.


Trial of Delhi gang rape accused to begin

The trial of five men who are accused of gang raping and murdering a 23-year-old student in Delhi is due to start in a fast-track court today.

A police van carrying five men accused of the gang rape and murder. Credit: REUTERS

If convicted, the men could face the death penalty.

A sixth suspect, who is under 18, is expected to be tried in a juvenile court.

The physiotherapy student and her friend were lured into a bus on December 16, where they were both beaten and then the woman was taken to the rear of the bus and raped. She died in a Singapore hospital from her injuries nearly two weeks later.


Suspects in Delhi gang rape case appear in court

Five men accused of the rape and murder of a medical student in India's capital Delhi appeared in court today to hear the charges against them. They face the death penalty if convicted.

The attack, which took place on a bus three weeks ago, has sparked outrage and violent protests across India.

ITV News' correspondent Geraint Vincent reports from the court:

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