MPs vote for 1% benefits cap

MPs have voted in favour of a proposed 1 per cent cap on raising benefits by a majority of 56. Ministers say the cap is needed because it is unfair that state handouts have been rising twice as fast as wages during recent years of austerity.

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Liam Byrne slams benefits vote after 'one day's debate'

The Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne is tweeting about tonight's vote on a bill to cap benefits rises.


Absolutely scandalous that govt trying to ram through #striverstax with just 1 days debate. They're terrified of scrutiny.


Best way to make sure working peoples' income rise faster than benefits is to protect tax credits and this striverstax hits tax credits hard


Our vote tonight is a defence of workers - and their incomes.

Vince Cable: Tory names for jobless 'unacceptable'

The Lib Dem Business Secretary Vince Cable has said he is "uncomfortable" with some of his Tory coalition colleagues referring to the unemployed as "skivers".

He said that people who are out of work should be treated with "dignity" while accepting that the economic situation necessitates a "squeeze on the welfare budget".

ITV News' Political Correspondent Libby Wiener asked him whether he is comfortable supporting the benefits cap:

David Miliband: This rancid bill 'reeks of politics'

The Labour MP David Miliband has made an impassioned speech in the House of Commons opposing the benefits cap.

He accuses the coalition of proposing savings of £1.1bn from the richest in society, compared with £5.6bn from those on benefits and tax credits.

This rancid Bill is not about fairness or affordability.

It reeks of politics, the politics of dividing lines that the current Government spent so much time denouncing when they were in Opposition in the dog days of the Brown Administration.

It says a lot that within two years it has fallen into the same trap.

– david miliband mp

Read the full text of his speech here.

Lib Dem MP to abstain from benefits cap vote

The Liberal Democrat MP for Torbay, Adrian Sanders, has said he will abstain from tonight's vote on a bill to cap benefits.


To be clear,I'll abstain tonight,but vote against at 3rd reading if I can't support an amendment at committee stage


Have met with Minister & Chief Whip to explain why I cannot support cuts to subsistence level benefits & if unable 2 amend bill will vote no

Mr Sanders is the third Liberal Democrat MP to say he will defy the party whip.


Labour attacks benefits cap for impact on disabled people

Labour MPs both in the Commons and on Twitter are attacking the coalition's benefit plans for "adversely affecting" disabled people.


Disabled people feel misled by Osborne who said their benefit would be protected


Disability Rights UK say 1m disabled people will be adversely affected by 1% cap. Tories/LDs not interested & not listening

The UK is at risk of entering a 'decade of destitution'

Today’s Bill is bad news for people living in poverty, whether they’re in work or out of work. Clearly, there are difficult decisions to be taken by Government, but Ministers’ opportunistic rhetoric on this issue is disturbing. Allowing today’s Bill to be presented as a choice between the ‘deserving and ‘underserving poor’ is both morally and economically wrong.

As incomes fall and costs rise for people – whether they are in or out of work - we are at risk of entering a decade of destitution.

– Julia Unwin, Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Nick Clegg defends 1% benefits cap

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has defended plans for a three-year benefits squeeze as he faced party dissent among his own MPs ahead of a key Commons vote.

In Commons clashes ahead of the debate - deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman said the Government had "failed on compassion".

But Mr Clegg questioned why the Opposition supported a 1% pay rise cap for public sector workers but not the curb on benefit payments and where it would find the savings.

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