US warns UK on EU referendum

A senior US government official has indicated that the Obama administration wants Britain to retain an influential role in the European Union. Philip Gordon warned that Washington favoured a "strong British voice" within the EU.

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Labour concerned UK 'sleepwalking towards EU exit'

Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander said:

On the same day that top British business leaders fired a warning shot across the bows of the Prime Minister, a senior White House official has also signalled concerns about the possibility of Britain leaving the EU.

There is today a real risk of Britain sleepwalking towards exit because of a Prime Minister motivated more by the need for party unity than by the interests of the country.


US warns Britain of dangers of potential EU exit

The US State Department's top official in Europe said America wants Britain to remain part of the European Union.

Philip Gordon said the saying the EU has "increasing weight in the world" and any referendum in the UK would risk turning the country "inward."

The comments are timely, as Political Editor Tom Bradby reports:

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