Savile 'groomed the nation'

Two separate reports have revealed how Jimmy Savile was "a prolific, predatory sex offender" who could have been prosecuted for offences against at least three victims while he was alive.

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Criminologist: Number of Savile victims 'could double'

The number of victims who fell prey to Jimmy Savile could double, with current figures "a mere drop in the ocean", the child protection expert who helped expose the late entertainer as a paedophile has warned.

Mark Williams-Thomas, the criminologist who led the initial ITV Exposure documentary that revealed the Jimmy Savile abuse claims, said he could have targeted hundreds more victims.

Jimmy Savile pictured in February 1982
Jimmy Savile pictured in February 1982 Credit: PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

"For anybody who works in this area the sheer scale is quite shocking. When you deal with sex offenders they are quite specific in their targeting", Mr Williams-Thomas said.

"What is different with Savile is that there's no specific target in terms of ages or sexes. He ranged from male to female, children to adults. It's truly shocking", he added.

Police: Jimmy Savile 'groomed the nation'

Police today labelled Jimmy Savile the UK's "most prolific, predatory, sex offender", who "spent every waking minute thinking about boys and girls." Commander Peter Spindler said:

"Jimmy Savile was a predatory sex offender, he was prolific in his abusing of the vulnerable and exploiting his power to get access to the vulnerable. [...] He took the nation in, in fact you could say, he groomed the nation."

Scotland Yard said 540 people came forward to report abuse, and 214 crimes against Savile were recorded as part of their investigation. UK Editor Lucy Manning reports:

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CPS 'missed chances' to prosecute Savile

The Crown Prosecution Service admitted it passed up at least three chances to bring Jimmy Savile to court.

The CPS admitted the opportunity to prosecute Savile was lost because the victims who did come forward during his lifetime were treated with "unjustified caution" and, crucially, were not told of each other's existence, which may have helped them press their case.


Victim: Jimmy Savile laughed as man hit nine-year-old scout

One of Jimmy Savile's victims says the presenter laughed as a man hit a nine-year-old scout they had both abused. Speaking to BBC Radio Five Live, Kevin Cook said he was abused when he visited the BBC in West London for Jim'll Fix It.

I'm shocked by the amount and the time it's gone on and the amount that's gone on. I'm lost for words... The man walked into the room and carried on the abuse. He made me do stuff to him and he physically abused me as well, he hit me.

Figures reveal the extent of Jimmy Savile's offending

  • 450 people have come forward alleging sexual abuse by Savile since October
  • 328 of these people were children when they were preyed upon
  • 214 criminal offences have been linked to Savile across 28 police forces
  • 34 of these are allegations of rape
  • 14 offences were committed at schools, in some cases after children wrote to Savile as part of Jim'll Fix It
  • 57 allegations have been linked to hospital premises, including hospices
  • 33 claims of abuse have been linked to television or radio studios
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