EU speech due on Wednesday

Downing Street says David Cameron's speech on Europe will be delivered in central London on Wednesday.

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25 Conservative MPs urge Cameron to embrace the EU

More than 25 Conservative MP’s have submitted a letter to David Cameron prior to his Europe speech on Friday urging him to offer a "positive vision" of British leadership in Europe.

The group wants Mr Cameron to say that rather than leaving the EU, it is in Britain’s national interest to lead it and that official Conservative pro-European policy still stands.

We are the mainstream of the Conservative Party.

We are pro-leadership – both of our party and our position in Europe.

We are fundamentally united by our belief that the UK national interest is best served working for changes within the EU, not being marginalised at the fringes.

This group believes that the nation would be best served by the Conservative Party campaigning for a ‘yes’ vote in any future in/out referendum.

– Laura Sandys MP

UKIP climbs above Lib Dems in voter poll

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage's party has leapfrogged the Lib Dems in the latest poll. Credit: Sophie Duval/EMPICS Entertainment

The UK Independence Party is enjoying its "highest level of support" among voters, according to the latest survey, as the Prime Minister prepares to make a keynote speech on Britain's role in Europe.

Polling company Ipsos Mori's January Political Monitor found 9% of those certain to vote in the General Election said they would put a cross next to Ukip, a two point rise since last month.

It placed Nigel Farage's party ahead of the Liberal Democrats, who fell a point to 8%.

Mr Farage today said David Cameron, who will speak in the Netherlands on Friday, was trying to "deflect" the issue of Europe for five years but predicted that the debate would be decisive in securing UK's exit.

The eurosceptic MEP told the European Parliament: "The longer this debate goes on, the more likely the UK is to leave the European Union, and this debate will not stop."


Miliband: PM's stance on Europe driven by weakness

by - Former Political Correspondent

Ed Miliband has told PMQs the Prime Minister's stance on Europe and a referendum has nothing to do with national interest, but because he's the lost support of his party.

The House erupted as the Labour leader describes the "same old Tories" as a "divided party" led by a "weak Prime Minister".

David Cameron has responded that the public will get the chance at the next election to vote Conservative and "get powers back from Europe" or vote Labour and "join the Euro".


Cameron reiterates EU stance at PMQs

by - Deputy Political Editor

At PMQs, the Prime Minister said Britain faces a choice: do we maximise Britain's national interest and consult the public or tell them to "go hang"?

David Cameron reiterates his view that Britain is better off within the European Union.

He said it is not right for Britain to have and in/out referendum today, but said he believes the country can renegotiate a better relationship "in our national interest".

PM hails MP proposals as 'very interesting' in EU debate

by - Former Political Correspondent

David Cameron thinks the proposals outlined at the Eurosceptic Fresh Start launch are a "very interesting contribution to the debate" on the European Union, the Prime Minister's spokesman has said.

He said Mr Cameron's Europe speech on Friday is "mostly finished" and confirmed the Prime Minister will be holding discussions with his Tory colleagues later.

John Baron MP and other Eurosceptics are understood to be meeting him after PMQs. Mr Cameron in said to be in "listening mode".

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