Lance Armstrong 'ashamed'

Lance Armstrong said he felt "ashamed and humbled" during the second round of his interview with Oprah. He said he would like to return to competitive sport, and became emotional whilst talking of the impact of the scandal on his family.

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Oprah's Armstrong exclusive watched by 3.2 million Americans

The second part of Lance Armstrong's interview will be aired in the small hours of tomorrow.

Oprah Winfrey's exclusive interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong was watched by some 3.2 million Americans, the second highest audience for her struggling channel OWN, the U.S cable channel said.

OWN said the most-watched telecast in its history was Winfrey's interview with the family of the late Whitney Houston in March 2012 that drew 3.5 million viewers.

Chat show queen Winfrey quit her daytime TV show in 2011 to launch the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), a joint venture with Discovery Communications.

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Armstrong urged to make 'full confession under oath'

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has urged Lance Armstrong to make a "full confession under oath" following his doping admission to Oprah Winfrey.

The WADA said it was "interested" to listen to his confession, but reiterated that it has made "no difference" to his status as a life-time banned athlete under the World Anti-Doping Code.

If Mr. Armstrong truly wants to make amends for his doping past, then he needs to make a full confession under oath to the relevant anti-doping authorities.

He must make a sworn statement that reveals the full truth and contains information that will assist the fight against doping in sport.

– A statement from the World Anti-Doping Agency


Former team-mate: 'We'll see a new Lance Armstrong'

Tyler Hamilton, a former team-mate of Lance Armstrong who implicated him in the doping scandal, has told ITV News we're likely to see a "new Lance Armstrong" now he has confessed.

Speaking about his own experience, Hamilton said in his only UK interview, "I was a broken man two-and-a-half, three years ago, and I finally did the right thing ... telling the truth felt great. It sets you free".

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Second part of Armstrong interview airs in US tonight

The second part of Lance Armstrong's interview on the Oprah Winfrey Network will be shown in the US tonight.

Lance Armstrong speaks to Oprah Winfrey.
The second part of Lance Armstrong's interview air in the US tonight. Credit: REUTERS/Harpo Studios, Inc/George Burns/Handout

During the interview, Armstrong discusses the impact on his family, the companies who sponsored him, his charity Livestrong and what he hopes the future holds.

UK viewers can watch it online on at 2:00am tomorrow.

Click here to watch the trailer of the Armstrong interview.

Hoy speaks of frustration over Armstrong admission

Speaking about Lance Armstrong's doping confession, Sir Chris Hoy said it is "hugely frustrating" to have to defend cycling because of "the greed and deception of a small minority".

Writing on Twitter, the six-time Olympic gold medallist said his views on the damage Armstrong has done to cycling "haven't changed" in the last 24 hours, adding:


...he has done to cycling haven't changed in the last 24hrs, however I believe we need to look to the future and move on. It's hugely...


..frustrating to have to defend your sport because of the greed & deception of a small minority. My team mates and I will keep doing what...


..we have always done; compete clean and try to win gold medals to show the next generation that it IS possible.


Hoy on Armstrong: 'Huge majority of cyclists are clean'

Sir Chris Hoy has said Lance Armstrong is "one man" and that the "huge majority of cyclists out there are clean", according to BBC sports reporter Richard Conway.

Sir Chris Hoy during the UCI Track Cycling World Cup.
Sir Chris Hoy has spoken out following Lance Armstrong's doping confession Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

"You've got to remember that it's one man, that's one part of the sport, it's not the whole sport", Sir Chris is quoted as telling the BBC.

"The huge majority of cyclists are clean...we're showing that you can win gold medals and can be clean", he added.

S Times: 'Stronger case' for Armstrong legal action

The Sunday Times believes its case for recovering the £1 million it paid Lance Armstrong after losing a libel action is "even stronger" following his recent confession.

A Sunday Times spokesman said:

We watched Lance Armstrong's interview with interest and noted his numerous admissions regarding taking performance-enhancing drugs.

The Sunday Times believes that our case for recovering the £1 million he obtained from us by fraud is now even stronger.

We will be pursuing that case vigorously.

Click here to watch an interview with David Walsh, a Sunday Times sports writer who has long pursued the Armstrong doping story.

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