Lance Armstrong 'ashamed'

Lance Armstrong said he felt "ashamed and humbled" during the second round of his interview with Oprah. He said he would like to return to competitive sport, and became emotional whilst talking of the impact of the scandal on his family.

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'He's only sorry he got caught'

Team GB Handball athlete Chris McDermott has tweeted his response to the Lance Armstrong interview, saying the cyclist is "only sorry he got caught."


Having this interview done by Oprah was defiantly the easy way out.


He was denying this until a couple of weeks ago, he clearly isn't sorry, he's only sorry he got caught. #Lance

Armstrong on his doping denials: 'It was one big lie'

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey Lance Armstrong has said he does not believe it would be possible to win seven Tour de France titles without doping. When asked he said, "not in my opinion."

Commenting on the times that he has previously denied doping he said:

I view this situation as one big lie. That I repeated a lot of times.


Olympians waiting for Armstrong interview

Team GB athletes have stayed up to watch the Oprah Winfrey interview with Lance Armstrong:



Lizzie Armitstead: Lance Armstrong's actions 'unforgivable'


Probably shouldn't give the bullies the time of day but my opinion in my own words: what LA has done to the sport of cycling is unforgivable

Olympic medallist Lizzie Armitstead has slammed disgraced Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong on Twitter. She took to the social media site to brand his actions 'unforgivable'. Armstong was stripped of his seven Tour De France titles last year after being plagued by allegations of doping.

The Otley olympian anticipated negativity from supporters of Armstrong on the notoriously rowdy website and added: "I am happy the truth has come out for the good of cycling. I am not naive, cycling is not 100% clean but which sport is?

I am a part of a new generation of cyclists who compete honestly and quite rightly feel upset and disappointed that it is suddenly an expectation of me to be a politician. Cycling is a beautiful sport which I love... and [I] believe in everyone's right to an opinion"

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