Met Special shot dead in Kenya

A Metropolitan Police special constable has been shot dead in Kenya.

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Profile: Special Constable Jamal Moghe

These are the facts that are known about Special Constable Jamal Moghe, who was shot on a bus in Kenya at the weekend:

  • Aged 26
  • Lived in Wembley in north-west London with his wife
  • Employed as a criminal exhibits officer at a west London police station - probably Ealing
  • Volunteered as a special constable on Brent Borough
  • Came to the UK from Somalia as a teenager, according to reports

Report: Special constable was 'singled out' by bandits

The newspaper quotes Mr Moghe's "best friend" Shil Abdiaziz, who was not on the trip, as saying: “We believe they found his Met Police ID card — it spooked them and that’s why he was the only one shot and killed."

The attack reportedly took place around 150 miles north of the capital Nairobi.

Mr Moghe had been on his way to undertake charitable work in his native Somalia where he intended to distribute used laptops, the Sun reports.


Met special constable shot dead in Kenya

Scotland Yard has announced the death of one of its police officers, Jamal Moghe, 26, who is thought to have been shot dead in Kenya on Saturday. The statement said:

The MPS is saddened to hear of the death of a Special Constable on a visit to Africa.

Jamal Moghe, 26, was a member of police staff at a west London police station, and also worked as a Special on Brent Borough.

We understand he was shot and killed in Kenya on 12 January.

Jamal, who lived in the Wembley area, was a criminal exhibits office.

– Metropolitan Police statement

According to media reports in Kenya, Mr Moghe had been visiting the east African nation on a charitable trip when a bus he was travelling in was held up by bandits.

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