More Dreamliners grounded

Boeing 787 Dreamliners have been grounded for safety checks in the US, India and parts of Europe. Two major Japanese airlines grounded their planes yesterday after one was forced to make an emergency landing.

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Polish airline may seek compensation from Boeing

Poland's airline, LOT, says it may seek compensation from Boeing after grounding its two 787 Dreamliner planes.

The first Boeing 787 Dreamliner bought by Poland's LOT Airlines Credit: Reuters

LOT says both its Dreamliners are safe, but can't take off after US and European flight safety authorities banned all the jets from flying. LOT is currently Europe's only carrier to have Dreamliners. Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Thomson Airways have all placed orders.


Air safety investigators examining Boeing battery

The National Transportation Safety Board has been examining the battery from the Japanese Boeing 787 Dreamliner which was forced to make an emergency landing in Boston. Initial investigations show it was swollen from overheating. The battery will now be taken apart.

Burned power unit battery from a Boeing 787 Credit: National Transportation Safety Board
The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder will also be examined Credit: National Transportation Safety Board

Dreamliner problems 'won't affect UK deliveries'

Orders by UK airlines for Boeing's Dreamliner won't be affected by the recent problems. Thomson Airways, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways say they still plan to add the plane to their fleets. The first delivery is due this Spring.

Boeing has reassured us they will do everything possible to assist the FAA in their investigation, and will be taking every step to assure passengers and Thomson of the 787's safety and get the planes back into service.

– Thomson Airways

We have every confidence that Boeing and the relevant authorities will ensure sufficient oversight is maintained and that corrective action will be taken if problems are identified

– Virgin Atlantic

The safety and security of our customers will always be at the heart of our operation and all our business decisions.

– British Airways

Most Boeing Dreamliners grounded for safety checks

Most of the world's Boeing 787 Dreamliner passenger jets have been grounded while urgent safety checks are carried out. Parts of Europe, Japan and India have joined the United States after the plane became plagued with problems.

Boeing 787 plane Credit: Reuters

Most of the checks are being carried out on the plane's batteries and complex electronics systems. Boeing has sold around 850 of the new planes, with 50 delivered so far.

Around half of those have been in operation in Japan, but airlines in India, South America, Poland, Qatar and Ethiopia, as well as United Airlines in the United States, have also been flying the aircraft. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have also placed an order.

India grounds all six Boeing 787 Dreamliners

India has grounded all six of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft operated by state-owned carrier Air India.

The FAA has issued an advisory to ground the Dreamliners. We took a decision after that.As of now there is no clarity on when the Dreamliners will be back in service. Boeing has to satisfy everyone with safety standards.

– Arun Mishra, Director General of Civil Aviation


FAA grounds Dreamliners for battery check

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has said it will temporarily ground Boeing's 787s after a second incident involving battery failures caused one of the Dreamliner passenger jets to make an emergency landing in Japan.

The FAA said airlines would have to demonstrate that the lithium ion batteries involved were safe before they could resume flying Boeing's newest commercial airliner, but gave no details on when that could occur.

Dreamliner: Boeing's most technologically advanced jet

The 787, known as the Dreamliner, is Boeing's newest and most technologically advanced jet and the company is counting heavily on its success.

But since its launch, which came after delays of more than three years, the plane has been plagued by a series of problems including a battery fire and fuel leaks.

Japan's ANA and Japan Airlines are major customers for the jet and among the first to fly it. Both airlines have now grounded their Dreamliners following the latest incident.

Inflatable chutes from the All Nippon Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane which made an emergency landing at Takamatsu airport. Credit: REUTERS/KYODO Kyodo

The 787 relies more than any other modern airliner on electrical signals to help power nearly everything the plane does.

It is also the first Boeing plane to use rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which charge faster and can be moulded to space-saving shapes compared to other aircraft batteries. The plane is made with lightweight composite materials instead of aluminium.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said it was "monitoring a preliminary report of an incident in Japan earlier today involving a Boeing 787".

Boeing: Investigation underway after emergency

Boeing 787 Dreamliners have been grounded for safety checks by two major Japanese airlines after one was forced to make an emergency landing. Boeing has tweeted it is helping an investigation into the problem.

Six Dreamliner faults in the past six weeks

  • 9 January: A flight to Tokyo cancelled after a computer wrongly indicated there was a problem with brakes
  • 11 January: A minor fuel leak on a Boeing 787 is reported
  • 11 January: The windscreen in a Boeing 787 cockpit cracks
  • 16 January: Cockpit message shows battery problems and burning smell detected
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