Helicopter crash: Eyewitnesses

The helicopter crashed in central London at one of the busiest times times of the day.

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'I heard a bang and saw the helicopter's body falling'

Michael Gavin saw the accident while he was standing at Vauxhall station.

I was facing the building when it happened and I heard a loud bang. The top of the crane was actually obscured by fog so I didn't see the impact.

But I heard a bang and saw the body of the helicopter falling to the ground along with pieces of the crane and then a large plume of smoke afterwards.

– Michael Gavin, speaking to BBC News

Eyewitness: Remains of car following helicopter crash

'A very unusual dull thud, then there was silence'

Chris Matthison was near to the crash site.

I heard a very unusual dull thud, then there was silence. The silence really took my imagination. Emergency services responded very quickly.

There was some damage to the crane. It's possible the crane is lying across Nine Elms road. The top of the nearest building is steeped in mist and difficult to see.

– Chris Matthison

'It was like a little earthquake'

Sarah-Beth Casey, who had three small children with her in her apartment, saw the immediate aftermath of the helicopter crash.

When I heard the explosion - it was like a little earthquake. It was like a gas explosion. I looked up to see debris falling off the tower. I can't see any people on the ground, it seems to be a lucky escape. The police and ambulance response was incredible.

– Sarah-Beth Casey, speaking to Sky News


'It's something I will never forget for a long time'

Erin Rogers was waiting at a bus stop outside Vauxhall station when the crash happened.

It was a bit surreal actually. I just had a coffee in my hand, I looked up, heard a bang and saw bits of crane debris falling to the floor.

Then the helicopter was in flames. The rest of the people at the bus station were looking on going 'What was that?'. It's something I will never forget for a long time.

– Erin Rogers

'A flash and the helicopter plunged to the ground'

Paul Ferguson, who was working in a nearby office, saw this morning's helicopter crash.

There was a flash and the helicopter plunged to the ground. It exploded and you can imagine the smoke coming out of it.

It was probably heading from the nearby heliport. It may be that on this misty morning the lights on nearby St George's Tower weren't on and it moved and clipped the edge of the crane and lost control.

– Paul Ferguson, speaking to BBC News

Emergency services rush to scene in south London

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