Crackdown on bailiffs unveiled

New laws will be introduced next year to regulate the bailiff industry and protect vulnerable debtors, the government has announced.

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Labour: Bailiff reforms 'much needed'

These are much-needed reforms and it's a pity the Tory-led Government has taken two-and-a-half years to move forward the hard work begun under the last Labour government.

We need to see the Government bring forward legislation quickly and, provided it addresses our concerns, we will work constructively to help make it happen.

At a time of great hardship for so many families, the last thing they need to fear is the knock at the door from an unscrupulous bailiff, whose actions do so much to damage the reputation of those striving to keep up the standards of the rest of the profession."

– Shadow Justice Minister Rob Flello


Bailiff reform needs to get to the 'heart' of the issues

New laws aimed at clamping down on aggressive bailiffs will be introduced next year, the government has said.

Speaking to ITV Daybreak, Peter Tutton of the debt charity 'Step Change', said that it is important the Government focuses on bailiffs, but worries the reform will not get to the heart of the matter.

Bailiffs will be banned from using fear or force to collect debt under legislation to clean up the industry and protect the vulnerable.

New laws will 'clean up' the bailiff industry

Under new laws to be introduced next year, aggressive bailiffs could face being barred from the industry.

Justice Minister Helen Grant said:

Too many people in debt have had the additional stress of dealing with aggressive bailiffs who often charge extortionate fees.

These new laws will clean up the industry and ensure bailiffs play by the rules or face being prevented from practising. They will also make sure businesses and public bodies can collect their debts fairly.

Mandatory training and certification for bailiffs

The Government plans to introduce new laws for bailiffs in an attempt to regulate the industry, and protect debtors.

The new laws will include:

  • No late-night visits
  • Restrictions on what property can be seized
  • No visits when only children are at home
  • Bailiffs will no longer be able to set their own fees
  • They will be prevented from using force against people who owe money
  • Mandatory training and a certification scheme will be put in place


New laws for bailiffs introduced to regulate the inudstry

New laws introduced today will regulate bailiffs to "clean up" the industry and protect vulnerable debtors.

New laws for bailiffs will be introduced today Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Archive

Under the changes, late-night visits will not be allowed, and restrictions will be put in place over what property can be seized.

Justice Minister Helen Grant said: "For too long bailiffs have gone unregulated."

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