UK-Algeria security plans

Britain could share its intelligence with Algeria as the countries work more closely to fight terror groups, it has emerged. David Cameron is on a visit to Algeria in the wake of the hostage crisis that left six Britons and dozens of others dead.

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  1. Rageh Omaar

PM will want to smooth over strained relations with Algeria

David Cameron's visit to Algeria a fortnight after the attack on the BP gas plant is highly significant.

I think the Prime Minister will re-emphasise the government's position, which is that they are going to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Algeria in fighting terrorism and this is a country with a long and bloody experience in combating militancy.

He will also want to smooth over any strained relations with the Algerians because during the hostage crisis, Britain wanted to take a much more cautious approach whereas the Algerians just went in and undertook the military operation.

What they will want to do is smooth over any ruffled feathers but also re-emphasise that this situation in Algeria threatens not just this region but Europe as well.

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