Blackberry 10 phone unveiled

Blackberry has unveiled its latest smartphone at a global launch event.

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Blackberry 10 'TimeShift' allows users to choose best picture

The original picture shows the subject with their eyes closed

One new feature of the Blackberry 10 is the 'TimeShift' adjustment tool on the camera. It allows users to select the frame the camera uses for the shot to ensure the best possible photo.

This can also be done in pictures with several people in the frame as individual faces can be selected before the frame is shifted.

Wound back to a better frame Credit: Blackberry

New features of the Blackberry 10

Some of the new features on the Blackberry 10 include:

  • The new Blackberry Messenger enables video calling
  • The new handset will also enable users to multitask, meaning up to 8 apps can run simultaneously.
  • Users are able to share their screen over BBM. Allowing business workers to share and view spreadsheets etc while video chatting.
  • The Blackberry 10 has secure work and personal profiles. Companies will be able to set security rules on work. Individual installs apps on the personal profile.
  • The Blackberry 10 also features a touchscreen keyboard - a move away from previous models which relied on an actual keyboard below the screen.


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