Hitmen jailed for life

Ben Hope and Jason Richards, the two hitmen who murdered A-level student Aamir Siddiqi after raiding the wrong house, have been given life sentences with a minimum term of 40 years each at Swansea Crown Court.

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Hitmen met in prison and developed drug-dependent friendship

Ben Hope, left, and Jason Richards pictured in court.

Heroin addict Ben Hope went about the murder of Aamir Siddiqi with "staggering incompetence", according to the prosecution.

Hope was already a known criminal and drug addict in Cardiff when the murder was carried out.

Jason Richards has a criminal past littered with violence which has landed him in prison.

He is a heroin addict who unapologetically made a living from peddling hard drugs on the streets of Cardiff.

The pair met in prison and their intimacy behind bars went on to become a drug-dependent friendship outside.

Murdered Aamir planned to study law

Aamir Siddiqi was 17 when he was murdered. Credit: Family

Speaking on on behalf of her family, Aamir's sister Umbareen Siddiqi said her brother was planning to study law at university.

"Aamir was a beautiful person with a bright future. If he was still with us he would be looking forward to turning 21 this year and completing his law degree," said Ms Siddiqi.

"He was the heartbeat of our family but his warmth, love, affection and humour touched many many more people."


Siddiqi family: 'Attack is as fresh as if it happened yesterday'

Speaking on the courthouse steps on behalf of the family, Aamir's sister, Umbareen Siddiqi, 33, paid tribute to her murdered brother.

"Today's guilty verdict is the right one and as a family we are both delighted and relieved," she said.

"On the 11th of April 2010, a house which was previously filled with love and laughter was brutally destroyed by the callous, vicious attack on our parents and our brother.

"The world has moved on in almost three years since the murder but for us the attack is as fresh as if it happened yesterday."

Two men convicted of murdering teenager by mistake

Two hitmen who stabbed an innocent schoolboy to death by mistake were found guilty of his murder today.

Ben Hope, 39, and Jason Richards, 38, both from Cardiff, were each paid £1,000 in "blood money" to murder a middle-aged family man who owed money to a shady businessman.

The "hit" went tragically wrong when the balaclava-clad killers, who were high on drugs, went to the wrong address in Roath, Cardiff, in April 2010, and murdered teenager Aamir Siddiqi by mistake.

Aamir, 17, was hacked down on the doorstep of his home. His frantic parents Iqbal and Parveen Siddiqi fought to save their son but were knifed in turn by the killers, who let out chilling howls.

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