PM to meet Mid Staffs families

Prime Minister David Cameron is due to meet families of the victims of scandal-hit Stafford Hospital at No 10 Downing Street today.

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'Desperately long fight' over Mid Staffs report

Stafford-based campaign group Cure the NHS, which includes relatives of patients affected by poor care and other community members, successfully lobbied the coalition Government for a full public inquiry.

Speaking ahead of Wednesday's report publication, Cure the NHS member Ken Lownds said:

This has been a desperately long fight for Cure the NHS and very emotionally draining.

We know Robert Francis will have done an excellent job of analysing the mountains of evidence that he has amassed, but we believe the truth about the sham and charade that was the last Labour government's attempt to regulate the NHS, will at last be fully exposed.

We believe that very many senior civil servants and bureaucrats in all of the health regulators should have apologised and resigned a long time ago.

In the blueprint for a new NHS which we submitted to the inquiry, we set out how the NHS should now begin to pursue 'zero harm' as its commitment to every patient it treats.

We sincerely hope that Robert Francis will have made that one of his key recommendations.


NHS vow more 'patient-centred' service following public inquiry into regulators' failure

A public inquiry into regulators' failure to prevent routine neglect at a scandal-hit NHS hospital must lead to a more "patient-centred" health service, a body representing NHS managers has urged.

The head of the NHS Confederation said Wednesday's publication of a report into Stafford Hospital would rightly expose failings which led to what a previous independent inquiry described as "appalling" standards of care.

The confederation's chief executive, Mike Farrar, pledged that NHS leaders would respond positively to the report and work to change the culture of the NHS.

Predicting that the release of the report would be "one of the darkest days" in the history of the NHS, Mr Farrar acknowledged that changes needed to be made to make patient feedback easier and give the public a clearer picture of how local services were performing.

He said: "Our failings in Mid Staffordshire will be laid bare - and rightly so.

"The people in charge of running our health services should rightly be held to account when they fail to act in the interests of patients."

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