Cregan 'switched' to police

A court has heard how Dale Cregan switched his sights from an "old rival" to the police when he executed a "detailed plan" to lure officers to their deaths in a gun and grenade attack in Greater Manchester. The trial is due to resume on Monday.

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Dale Cregan trial adjourns for the weekend

Dale Cregan surrounded by police officers at his trial Credit: Elizabeth Cook/PA Wire

Dale Cregan has confirmed through his barristers that he is not offering a defence of diminished responsibility. Nicholas Clarke QC, prosecuting, told the court:

"There was a lot of forethought and planning went into all of these operations. We suggest you will surely conclude that all phases of these murderous attacks were carried out by a man who knew exactly what he was doing with a clarity of mind and also with chilling premeditation."

The trial has adjourned for the weekend, and will resume on Monday morning.


Prosecution details final seconds of officers' lives

The prosecution in the Dale Cregan trial have laid out what they claim were the sequence of events that led to the deaths of Pc Bone and Pc Hughes.

When they arrived at Abbey Gardens Pcs Bone and Hughes stepped out of their van and walked the short distance to number 30. The prosecution claim that as Nicola and Fiona walked through the small front garden Cregan opened the front door and immediately fired his glock.

Both officers were shot in the chest. Their body armour protected them and the bullets did not penetrate. Examination of the scene shows both officers retreated after the first shot. Pc Bone moved to her left getting out of the line of sight. Pc Hughes turned to run up the path.

As she retreated more shots were fired. Pc Hughes was shot in the middle of her back below her armour causing her to fall forwards paralysed into the path. As she was falling or lying flat she was shot three more times.

The prosecution say that Cregan than turned to Pc Bone. She was trapped in front of the lounge window and he discharged 24 shots at her direction. Some hit her others hit the house. She fired her Taser but into a hard surface - probably the paving.

Such was the speed of the attack that only 31 seconds had elapsed since the two police officers had turned their van engine off. Pc Bone was shot between 5 and 8 times receiving 8 injuries. She was killed to a shot to her chest which caused fatal injuries to the top of her heart.

Jury hear 999 call which 'lured' two Pcs to scene

At 10.11 on the morning of 18th September a 999 call was made the caller saying they were at 30 Abbey Gardens.

A recording of the 999 call was played to the jury, the caller purporting to be called Adam Gartee, reported someone had thrown a big concrete slab through his back window and run away.

He was told an officer would be sent within the hour. The last comment made by the caller is: "I'll be waiting."

The prosecution allege that the caller was Dale Cregan.

Dale Cregan 'knew it would be his last night of freedom'

The prosecution in the Dale Cregan trial have been detailing how he spent the night before the murders of Pc Fiona Bone and Pc Nicola Hughes.

On the evening of 17th September last year Mr Cregan arrived at the home of his acquaintance, who aware that he was wanted by police.

Frightened for the safety of his partner and her 7-year-old daughter who were also in the house, the acquaintance allowed Cregan to spend the night.

He was sent out during the night for beer, cigarettes and cigars - the prosecution say that Dale Cregan knew this would be his last night of freedom.

The court also heard that Cregan told the acquaintance how he had murdered David Short and left a hand grenade in plane view and re-loaded a gun.

Cregan 'lured officers to their deaths', court hears

Dale Cregan lured two female police officers to their deaths by reporting a bogus burglary, a jury has heard today.

The prosecution at Preston Crown Court said Creegan then lay in wait and shot PCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone repeatedly when they arrived before throwing a grenade towards the victims.

ITV News' North of England Correspondent Martin Geissler reports on the first day of the trial, which was attended by the families of both officers.


'Cregan used David Short murder gun to kill PCs'

The jury at the Dale Cregan trial earlier heard that the gun used to shoot David Short was used to murder PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes.

Prosecutor Nicholas Clarke QC said bullets recovered from Mr Short's body were found to have come from a Glock-type pistol following tests. He told the jury:

This was the Glock that Cregan would use again, on the 18th September, 2012, when he murdered PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes.

The trial will resume on Friday morning after being adjourned this afternoon.

Leon Atkinson 'directed revenge attack on Shorts'

The jury at the Dale Cregan trial, which has now been adjourned for the day, earlier heard that the defendants accused of the murder of Mark Short were in "close contact" in the hours before the May 25 shooting at the Cotton Tree pub.

Nicholas Clarke QC, opening the prosecution's case, claimed Leon Atkinson, 35, from Ashton-under-Lyne, travelled to a North Wales caravan park to give himself an "incontrovertible alibi".

He said Cregan, Luke Livesey, 27, and Damian Gorman, 37, were to carry out the attack.

Ryan Hadfield, 28, and Matthew James, 33, were to act as "spotters" to ensure the targets - the Short family - were in the pub, the jurors heard.

But it was Atkinson who was "managing and directing" the operation to "exact revenge" on the Shorts, Mr Clarke said.

Footage of car approaching pub shown at Cregan trial

Prosecutors in the Dale Cregan trial have shown CCTV footage of a car approaching the Cotton Tree pub in Droylsden, Manchester, in which they say Mark Short was shot on May 25 last year.

Prosecutors, who showed the footage during their opening statements at Preston Crown Court, allege that the vehicle was used by Cregan, Luke Livesy and Damian Gorman to take them to and from the pub.

The prosecution had yet to identify a particular individual as the gunman at the point at which they introduced the footage.

'Seven shots' fired in pub

Nicholas Clarke QC said:

In his outstretched hand was a gun. The gun was fired. Mark Short was nearest to the door when the gunman came in.

Mark Short fell to the ground as the firing continued, focused on the people stood around a pool table.

Three more men, John Collins, Michael Belcher and Ryan Pridding, were also hit and fell to the floor.

After firing seven shots in quick succession, the gunman left through the door that he had entered and jumped back into the front passenger seat of the waiting Ford Focus.

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