Hall sentence to be reviewed

The Attorney General's office is to review Stuart Hall's sentence after the broadcaster was jailed for 15 months at Preston Crown Court for 14 counts of indecent assault against girls as young as nine. Labour said the sentence was 'unduly lenient'.

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Labour calls for increase in Stuart Hall's sentence

Shadow crime and security minister Diana Johnson has urged the Attorney General to increase Stuart Hall's sentence.

Shadow Minister Diana Johnson MP Credit: Daybreak

The Attorney General's Office yesterday confirmed a review of the 15-month jail sentence handed down to former the BBC broadcaster.

Ms Johnson told Daybreak: "Although this happened a long time ago, women like Susan [who was abused by Hall] have suffered for years and years and we need to make that clear in the sentence."


Stuart Hall's sentence criticised as 'unduly lenient'

The length of Stuart Hall's 15-month prison sentence has been criticised as being "unduly lenient", with one of his victims exclusively telling ITV News, "Justice has not been done".

Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry said the sentence "is not just a lenient sentence, it is unduly lenient", and she urged the Attorney General to look into the matter.

Deputy Labour Party leader Harriet Harman also urged Attorney General Dominic Grieve to refer the sentence to the Court of Appeal.

Stuart Hall victim says 'justice has not been done'

'Amy', who wants to remain anonymous, spoke exclusively to ITV News Credit: ITV News

One of Stuart Hall's victims exclusively told ITV News "justice has not been done" after the veteran broadcaster was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

"Amy", who wants to remain anonymous, said:"He hasn't been punished and we still have got to carry that with us.

"To know that justice has not been done, and for him it will just be like going away to work".

Stuart Hall result 'not a great day for justice or victims'

Hall will be free within months, but the trauma he caused his victims will stay with them a lot longer - possibly for the rest of their lives. He has shown total disregard for their feelings, even arrogantly branding them liars.

Whilst it's commendable that this case was pursued even after such a long passage of time, the end result is not a great day for justice or for the victims.

– Peter Wanless, chief executive, NSPCC


Shadow Attorney General: Hall jail term 'unduly lenient'

Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry has written to Dominic Grieve about Stuart Hall's jail term to claim it was "unduly lenient".

Ms Thornberry has also urged the Attorney General to refer the issue to the Court of Appeal, saying, "This sentence surely cannot be strong enough for the seriousness and circumstances of the crime".

Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry pictured in the House of Commons. Credit: PA Wire

"Sexual assault is in itself a very serious offence and there were many aggravating factors present in this case ... Given all this, 15 months is not just a lenient sentence, it is unduly lenient.

She also called for Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer to formally to refer the case to the Attorney General.

Stuart Hall's sentence welcomed by detective on case

Detective Superintendent Neil Esseen, of Lancashire Constabulary's Force Major Investigation Team, welcomed Stuart Hall's jail sentence, saying he hopes it will "help the victims in this case move forward with their lives".

He commended Hall's victims for "having the courage to come forward".

Stuart Hall was sentenced to 15 months in jail. Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire

The officer said: "We are committed to investigating any allegations of sexually abuse thoroughly and with sensitivity, no matter how long ago they happened and we will always strive to protect our communities, no matter the status of the alleged perpetrator.

"I would encourage people with any information about sexual abuse or who has been a victim of sexual abuse to come forward and report their concerns confident in the knowledge it will be taken seriously and investigated appropriately and with sensitivity".

Attorney General to look at Hall's sentence length

The Attorney General will to look at broadcaster Stuart Hall's 15-month sentence after his office received a number of complaints that the term was not long enough, the Attorney General's office confirmed.

Veteran BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall pictured arriving at Preston Crown Court earlier today. Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Only one person needs to request a sentence is reviewed to trigger the process, which only applies to certain types of case such as murder, rape and child sex crimes

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