US snowstorm clean-up begins

America will begin cleaning-up after snowstorm 'Nemo'. The blizzard killed at least nine people and left around half a million without power.

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US snowstorm leaves thousands without power

The snowstorm which has hit northeast USA, nicknamed ‘Nemo’, has caused havoc for residents and travellers.

  • The governors of New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut have declared a state of emergency
  • A complete or partial ban on travel by car has been declared in Massachusetts and Connecticut
  • 10,000 residents along the east coast have been left without power
  • Almost 3,500 flights have been cancelled
  • Record snowfalls are forecast for Boston

Snowstorm causes havoc in eastern Canada

The winter snowstorm heading for the northeast of the US has already swept through the eastern coast of Canada.

Nova Scotia was covered in 15 centimetres of snow - followed by freezing rain and strong winds - which has caused many schools and government offices to close.

A police car in Halifax requires assistance in the snowy conditions. Credit: EBU
Heavy machinery was required to clear the roads in Halifax. Credit: EBU
A cyclist braves the elements in Halifax. Credit: EBU


New Jersey Governor warns of storm threat

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has said that the state of emergency will remain open as long as necessary amidst extreme weather forecasts.

He told a press conference: "[The state of emergency] will remain open as long as necessary to meet the anticipated challenging conditions in the state.

"This is a complex storm snow forecast totals ranges form 1-2 inches in the most southern parts of New Jersey to 14 inches with blizzard conditions in some of the north-eastern counties."

NY Governor tells residents: Stay indoors

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York State, has urged residents to stay indoors and stay warm as snowstorm 'Nemo' approaches.

NY Governor declares state of emergency for 'Nemo'

The Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, has declared a state of emergency as a huge storm - dubbed Nemo - approaches:


Forecasters predict 3ft of snow will fall in north-east US

The US is bracing itself for a snow storm, which forecasters say could dump up to three feet of snow from New York City to Boston and beyond.

Even before the first snowflake had fallen, airlines cancelled more than 3,700 flights until Saturday. Boston and other towns and cities in New England and upstate New York also closed schools.

A woman walks into wind-driven snow in Boston, Massachusetts Credit: REUTERS/Brian Snyder
A man fills up a gas tank at a fuelling station in the Queens borough of New York ahead of the snow storm. Credit: EUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Petrol stations 'running out of fuel' in US north-east

Some petrol stations in New York reportedly ran out of fuel today Credit: Reuters

US north-east residents rushed to buy supplies today as the region braced itself for a second major storm in four months.

In New York City, still not fully recovered from the effects of October's devastating Hurricane Sandy, motorists formed long queues to buy petrol.

Several stations reportedly ran out of fuel in the borough of Queens on Friday morning, while petrol stations in Connecticut also ran out during the rush to prepare for the storm.

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