Hunt: Cut NHS 'bureaucracy'

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will say he intends to cut bureaucracy in the NHS by a third, to help bring back care and compassion to the NHS. This comes after the highly critical report in to the Mid Staffs hospital.

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NHS Trust warns against Hunt's plans to cut 'red tape'

NHS Trust Chairman, Roy Lilley spoke to Daybreak about Jeremy Hunt's calls to cut the "cumbersome bureaucracy" in the NHS.

Today the Health Secretary will say there is too much box ticking within the health service, but Mr Lilley warned against which administrative processes we cut.

He said if Mr Hunt wanted to cut bureaucracy by a third, "what third do we not want to know about?"

NHS Confederation: 'Patients must always come first'

The Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation has responded to Jeremy Hunt's intentions to cut "cumbersome bureaucracy" in the NHS.

The Health Secretary is to set out his thoughts today at the Reform conference.

Patients must always come first if the NHS is to deliver the best and safest care possible. That is the simple defining principle at the heart of the recent Francis report into events at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

We need to deliver this principle, and we need help to make sure the system is set up in the right way to allow us to do it.

It is in no one's interest that staff and management have to deal with red-tape that pulls them away from patient care.

– Mike Farrar, chief executive of the NHS Confederation


Jeremy Hunt: 'Good healthcare is in the moment'

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of Health is expected to say that good healthcare comes from interaction between NHS staff and patient, and not by "endless" tick boxes.

He will set our plans at the Reform conference today, and will say:

Endless boxes to tick, cumbersome bureaucracy and burdensome regulations are the problem - they cannot be the solution.

Good healthcare is in the moment - the minute-by-minute interaction between a person in need and a person there to help.

It is because people believe in the values of the NHS that they spend their working lives in it. So this is about unlocking those values that lie inside the outstanding doctors and nurses who deliver care week-in and week-out and stopping the dead hand of top-down targets crushing the goodness out of them.

– Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary

Jeremy Hunt plans to cut 'bureaucracy' in the NHS

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will say he intends to cut bureaucracy in the NHS by a third, to help bring back care and compassion to the service.

His announcement today comes after the highly critical report into Mid Staffs Hospital, released last week.

Health Minister Jeremy Hunt will set out plans to cut "cumbersome bureaucracy" in the health service Credit: PA/PA Wire

Mr Hunt claims that red tape gets in the way of providing care to patients, at the Reform conference today he will detail some cases, where administrative tasks obstruct medics from their primary job of care giving.

According to the Royal College of Nursing, nurses spend more than a million hours every week on paperwork.

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