Nuclear test sanction threat

The United Nations says it "strongly condemns" North Korea's nuclear test. The United States is calling for an increase in sanctions against the communist state.

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North Korea: Test was 'first response' to 'US threats'

North Korea
A protester burns a picture of Kim Jong-un in South Korea's capital Seoul. Credit: REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

North Korea said its nuclear test was the "first response" to "US threats" and warned if hostilities carried on it would continue with "second and third measures of greater intensity."

The country's Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the test was a "self-defensive measure" that does not violate any international law.

Hague urges China to put 'pressure' on North Korea

Foreign Secretary William Hague has urged China to use its diplomatic leverage with North Korea by supporting fresh sanctions against the regime.

There is additional pressure which can be placed on North Korea, additional sanctions that can be put in place, but of course have the most effect if they have the strong support of China - a key nation in this regard.

China agreed that there would be significant action if this happened so we will now look to them to discuss this matter with them.

– William Hague, Foreign Secretary


China's 'firm opposition' to North Korea's nuclear test

China expressed its "firm opposition" to North Korea's nuclear test today.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, heedless of widespread international opposition, has again carried out a nuclear test, to which the Chinese government expresses its firm opposition.

– Chinese Foreign Ministry

The Chinese also called on North Korea to abide by its denuclearisation pledge and not to "take additional actions that could cause the situation to further deteriorate."

Japan detected seismic activities in North Korea

Japan's Meteorological Agency has held a news conference where they showed charts that detected seismic activities in North Korea at 3am GMT this morning.

North Korea
Charts showed a seismic activities in North Korea this morning. Credit: REUTERS/Toru Hanai

North Korea state television earlier confirmed that it had carried out a nuclear test, which has received widespread condemnation from the international community.

North Korea
Akira Nagai points to a spot on the map showing the quake centre. Credit: REUTERS/Toru Hanai

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Google Earth's new images of North Korea nuclear site

Google Earth last week captured new images of North Korea's nuclear site - where a test was conducted today.

North Korea nuclear
Nuclear test facility in North Hamgyong Province. Credit: Google/DigitalGlobe

The facility in the North Hamgyong Province can also be seen on Google Maps at the latitude/longitude of 41.278047,129.087372.

North Korea nuclear
The international community has condemned the nuclear test. Credit: Google/DigitalGlobe

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