999 house fire call released

The jury in the trial of three people accused of the manslaughter of six children in a Derby house fire has heard a secret recording of their parents Mick and Mairead Philpott in a police van. They all deny the charges.

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Police release 999 call from Philpotts on night of fire

WARNING: You may find the audio from the video above distressing

The 999 call made by Mick & Mairead Philpott on the night of the house fire, has been played to the court at the trial into the deaths of their six children.

Mairead Philpott can be heard telling the fire brigade that Jade, 10, and her brothers John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six, Jayden, five, and Duwayne, 13, are all trapped upstairs.

This is the start of an eight minute call which was played in full to the jury at Nottingham Crown Court this morning.

Transcript of parents' 999 house fire call released

A transcript of Michael and Mairead Philpott's 999 call when their house was on fire has been released by Derbyshire Police.

An excerpt from the transcript reads:

  • Michael: I can't get in me bedroom the kids are all upstairs six of 'em.
  • Operator: Is it a terraced house?
  • Michael: Please.
  • Operator: Er, yeah we've got some, we've got some police on their way, have you any idea what caused the fire?
  • Michael: I've no idea mate, we've just been woke up by the alarm.
  • Michael: There's smoke everywhere.

Michael and Mairead Philpott are charged with six counts of manslaughter. They deny all the charges.


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More secret police audio played to jury

The jury hears secret police audio of Mick Philpott and Mairead Philpott in a police van after their arrests.Mick Philpott is heard saying to his wife Mairead:

There's no evidence, they've got nothing. There's no petrol on me, on my trousers, no glass.

– Mick Philpott

Mick Philpott is allegedly also heard saying:

You definitely sticking with the story?

Mick Philpott is also heard later to say he is going on a hunger strike.

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Derby house fire trial: jury hears secret recordings

The jury in the trial of three people accused of the manslaughter of six children in a Derby house fire has heard a secret recording of Mick and Mairead Philpott in a police van. In audio played to the court Mick Philpott says to Mairead:

"We will walk free and prove our innocence right? And then we'll sort them out, promise you."

– Mick Philpott

The defendants Mick and Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley deny the charges.


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Firefighters give evidence in Philpott trial

Firefighter Michael Patterson from Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service gives evidence in the trial of three people accused of killing six children in a house fire in Derby.

Mr Patterson was among the first firefighters to attend the blaze on Victory Road on May 11th last year.

Jade Philpott and her five brothers were in the house and died from smoke inhalation.

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Jury hears how firefighters fought through thick smoke to retrieve bodies

Firefighter Michael Patterson tells the jury that while he was searching the upstairs bedrooms on Victory Road, he had to 'feel his way around' because the smoke was so thick.

He said that in one bedroom he had to lean across a bed to pull a body towards him and that he then noticed another body lying on the same bed.

He told the courts he cradled the children's bodies as he took them outside and laid them on the pavement where paramedics tried to resuscitate them.

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Philpott was the 'dominant force' in the disturbance says PC Louretta

PC Louretta said that Mick Philpott kept saying that he wanted to have regular contact with the children he had with Ms Willis and he wanted a '50-50' split in terms of access to them.

The jury heard that whilst inside the house, Ms Willis had agreed to allow Mr Philpott access to the children.

On the night in question, the officer said Mr Philpott had calmed down and was the 'dominant force' in the conversation while Ms Willis appeared quiet and calm. He added that Mairead Philpott was also there but said nothing.

PC Louretta said Ms Willis later left with her belongings and the children's clothes.

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