999 house fire call released

The jury in the trial of three people accused of the manslaughter of six children in a Derby house fire has heard a secret recording of their parents Mick and Mairead Philpott in a police van. They all deny the charges.

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Former mistress 'devastated' by childrens' deaths

The former mistress of a man standing trial accused of killing six children in a house fire has said that she treated Michael and Mairead Philpotts' children like her own.

Lisa Willis told Nottingham Crown Court she was devastated when she heard the news of their deaths.

The funeral cortege of the Philpott children arrives at St Mary's RC Church in July 2012 Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire
  1. Rupert Evelyn - ITV News Midlands correspondent

Willis 'nowhere near' Philpott house on night of fire

After the house fire on the 11 May, Lisa Willis made two very detailed witness statements to the police.

She was asked about her movements.

On Thursday May 10th, Lisa said she had spent the night at her house with her sister and her niece and nephew.

Police: Did you go anywhere near number 18 that night?

LW: No I never.

Did you have any discussion with your sister about going to number 18 that night?

LW: No I never.


  1. Rupert Evelyn - ITV News Midlands correspondent

Mistress denies making threats against Philpott family

Lisa Willis has told the Philpott house fire trial of an occasion when she was informed by her children's school that Mick Philpott was outside in his van.

She met him in a park with her children and he said that he wanted to talk about legal proceedings regarding the custody of their children.

Shortly after an official arrived with some paperwork for the court which alleged that Ms Willis has made a phone call threatening "Philpott and his family".

Lisa is asked if she'd ever made serious threats to Mick or Mairead and she said "neither to none of them".

Willis walked out because of Philpott's anger, jury hears

Lisa Willis has told the Philpott house fire trial she walked out on him because she had had enough of Mick Philpott and his anger management.

She left Victory Road on Saturday, February 11, 2012, saying she was taking her kids swimming.

She told the court Mick Philpott kept texting her asking what he had done wrong.

She told him "nothing" and that it was what she wanted.

  1. Rupert Evelyn - ITV News Midlands correspondent

Mistress deleted secret Facebook messages to sister

Lisa Willis has said she asked her sister Amanda for help on Facebook because she wanted to get out of the relationship with Mick Philpott.

She deleted the exchanges as she went along so they wouldn't be found, although she told Nottingham Crown Court that Mick Philpott couldn't use a computer.

Ms Willis said her relationship with Amanda had ended when she moved into Mick Philpott's home on Victory Road because he wasn't happy with it and her sister didn't like him.

She said she didn't see Amanda for years before resuming contact on Facebook.

The trial has now stopped for lunch.

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