New permit plan for immigrants

The Immigration Minister Mark Harper has told ITV News the Government is looking at making immigrants from the EU have a residency permit and register for access to public services.

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New immigrants 'must not exploit benefit system'

The government said it is looking at ways of ensuring people from other European countries don't arrive in Britain simply to exploit the benefits system. He said one way would be to register people when the arrive, to ensure they look for work.

One way area the government is cracking down those breaking immigration rules through 'sham marriages' as UK Editor Lucy Manning reports.

Government considering making EU immigrants register

Immigration Minister Mark Harper said the government was looking into plans to impose residency permits for new Bulgarian and Romanian immigrations, similar to those in other European countries. Speaking to UK Editor Lucy Manning he said:

"One of the things we are looking at is whether we can insist that people have to register so that we can go through a proper process."

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