Crippled cruise ship docks

A crippled cruise ship has docked in Alabama, ending the holiday voyage that some passengers have described as 'hellish'. Around 4,000 on board were left without plumbing for four days following an engine room fire.

Passengers disembark Triumph cruise ship in Alabama

After four days at sea, with no plumbing on the Carnival Triumph cruise liner, passengers have finally reached land in Alabama.

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Met with blankets, drinks and hot food, the passengers were let off the boat, where they would continue their journeys home by coach.

Passengers described overflowing toilets, with the ship's cabins and passages, soaked in raw sewage, after a fire in the engine room knocked out the ship's power and plumbing.

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Carnival CEO: 'I want to again apologize to our guests'

The CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines has commented on Twitter, following the docking of troubled cruise ship Triumph.

Passengers were left afloat in the Mexican Gulf following an engine fire which left them without plumbing for four days.

I want to thank the US Coast Guard, The Port and City of Mobile, Customs and Border Protection and countless others who were helpful

I’d also like to thank our shoreside teams for working around the clock to make this happen and I want to thank our crew for everything.

I want to again apologize to our guests and their friends and family. The situation has been incredibly difficult and we're sorry for what happened.

Our company was founded on the idea of providing great vacations to fun loving Americans and clearly we failed on this cruise.

– Gerry Cahill, President and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines

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Carnival: 'Thankful' everyone is safe as ship docks

The Triumph cruise liner has arrived at port in Mobile, Alabama.

CEO Gerry Cahill of Carnival Cruise Lines said he is "thankful" everyone is safe.


Carnival Triumph arrives in Mobile. Gerry Cahill, CEO says: "I'm very thankful we all are that the ship is alongside & everyone is safe."


"I am so appreciative of the efforts of everyone involved in bringing the Carnival Triumph safely to the Port of Mobile."

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100 coaches arranged to pick up cruise ship guests

The Carnival cruise liner Triumph, which has been adrift in the Gulf of Mexico for four days, is now less than ten miles away from port.

The ship is set to dock in Mobile, Alabama between 9:15 and 11:30pm (03:15 and 05:30 GMT).

Carnival cruise ship Triumph being towed to the port in Alabama Credit: Reuters

Updates from the Carnival Cruise Lines Twitter account, said disembarkation off the boat could take up to five hours, due to the lack of power.

They added that guests will be provided with warm food, drinks and blankets, as well as cell phones and chargers upon arrival.

The ship is now less than ten miles away from port Credit: Reuters

The company has arranged 100 coaches to take the guests home, crew will be able to stay in nearby hotels.

An assessment of the repairs will be carried out once all the guests and crew are safely off the ship.

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Carnival: Ship is less than ten miles from the port


A brief update on the Carnival Triumph. The vessel is less than 10 miles from the Port of Mobile and traveling at a speed of 6 knots.


Depending on the speed it maintains, our current estimates are between 9:15pm and 11:30pm for the ship to be in position for debarkation.

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