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South Africa's national broadcaster SABC has screened a reality TV show featuring Reeva Steenkamp this evening, as planned.The show's producer said the family wanted it to be shown, but her cousin says they were not consulted.

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Questions raised over screening of reality TV show

Women's rights activists and members of the public have expressed their dismay at the screening of an reality TV show featuring Reeva Steenkamp, the girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius, two days after she was shot.

Rachel Jewkes, a gender and health researcher at the South African Medical Research Council said the clips were particularly insensitive in a country where a woman is estimated to be killed by her partner, every eight hours. She told Reuters:

There was a big question about whether it should have been shown at all, or whether they were trying to get audience ratings off the fact she had died.

Many South Africans thought the decision not to delay the show until after the funeral was wrong. Many took issue with the tribute aired before the show.

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Insurance consultant Montle Ndlovu, said:

It was very insensitive to put it on air before she was even buried. It's such a sad story. She was young and pretty and had her whole life in front of her.

Reality TV contestant pays tribute to Reeva Steenkamp

Kathleho Molai, a contestant on the Tropika Island of Treasure reality TV programme, has paid tribute to fellow contestant Reeva Steenkamp. Watching the first episode of the new season, she spoke of how caring and fun Steenkamp was on the Jamaican island where the show was filmed. She said:

"She was our mum. I mean, she was always making sure that everyone was okay. She was fun. She had this crazy laugh... She was a lot of fun to be around."


Steenkamp family 'not consulted' about screening

Reeva Steenkamp's cousin Sharon said the family had not been consulted by about the screening of a reality TV in which she features this evening, but said they are not against it.

Sharon said the family had not been contact by the show's producers, or the South Africa's national broadcaster SABC.

The show, Tropika Island of Treasure, will be shown on SABC tonight. Sharon said she the family did not object to the show being aired because "Reeva was proud of her role." She said:

Her last words to us personally was that she wants us to watch it.

Reeva Steenkamp reality TV show to be screened

Reeva Steenhamp, who died after being shot in the home of her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius Credit: Photo credit should read WALDO SWIEGERS/AFP/Getty Images

South Africa's national broadcaster SABC says it will screen a reality TV show featuring Reeva Steenkamp this evening, as planned.

The show's executive producer, Samantha Moon, said Steenkamp's family wants the show to go ahead. Moon said that the family "wants it on. This is how they want to remember her".

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