Labour lead Tories in poll

Labour maintained a five-point lead in the latest national opinion poll but the Liberal Democrats slumped to 8% as the UK Independence Party consolidated third place.

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Poll shows doubt over government 'bedroom tax'

By a majority of 46% to 35% they said the principle of the change - dubbed a "bedroom tax" by critics - was "only fair", the ComRes survey for the Sunday People showed.

But clear overall majorities said that its implementation should be delayed for a rethink on how to implement it (52%), that it should only apply if people refused smaller homes (60) and that it should not apply at all to Army families with children away on active service (77%).

Poll: Cameron and Osborne 'more trusted over economy'

New ComRes opinion poll statistics for The Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror have revealed that the Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne are more trusted to make decisions about the economy as opposed to their Labour counterparts.

Out of the 2,002 UK adults interviewed online by ComRes on 13 and 14 February 2013, 27 percent of pollers believed the Conservatives could be trusted to make correct economical decisions, compared to 20 percent of people who polled for Labour leader Ed Miliband and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.

Here is a breakdown of the figures:

  • I trust David Cameron and George Osborne to make the right decisions about the economy
  • Agree 27% (+2) Disagree 51% (-4) Net agree -24% (+6)
  • I trust Ed Miliband and Ed Balls to make the right decisions about the economy
  • Agree 20% (-1) Disagree 55% (+3) Net agree -35% (-4)


Labour hold slender lead over Tories in ComRes poll

Labour leader Ed Miliband with his party's supporters in Eastleigh on Saturday. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Labour lead the Conservatives by just five points, according to new ComRes opinion poll statistics for The Independent on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror.

Ed Miliband's party polled 36 percent in February's figures, a one percent drop in Labour's poll rating from the previous month.

The Conservatives' share of the poll, at 31 percent, decreased by a single percent from the Party's January figure.

Meanwhile, UKIP (14%) comfortably polled better than the Liberal Democrats (8%).

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